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Free AWS Webinar | Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive: The Cheapest Storage in the Cloud

We recently announced the general availability of Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive, a new Amazon S3 storage class providing secure and durable object storage for long-term retention of data that is accessed rarely in a year. From just $0.00099 per GB-month (less than one-tenth of one cent, or about $1 per TB-month), S3 Glacier Deep Archive offers the lowest cost storage in the cloud, at prices lower than storing and maintaining data in on-premises magnetic tape libraries or archiving data offsite.

In this AWS Online Tech Talk on April 24, we will dive deep into the Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive storage class and discuss the common use cases around long-term data protection, DR, and digital preservation. We will explore the integrations with S3, including object tagging, server-side encryption including customer-managed keys, cross-region replication, WORM, storage class analysis, and lifecycle policies.

We will demonstrate how to ingest large data sets into S3 Glacier Deep Archive, using S3 APIs, AWS Management Console and Tape Gateway, a cloud-based virtual tape library feature of AWS Storage Gateway.

Lastly, we will present the retrieval options and pricing model and work through customer scenarios on why S3 Glacier Deep Archive is the lowest cost storage in the cloud.

Learning Objectives

  • Dive deep into S3 Glacier Deep Archive and understand its use cases, integrations with other AWS services, approaches to ingesting data, retrieval options, and pricing model
  • Explore how to optimize storage costs amongst the S3 storage classes, especially for long-term data retention and digital preservation
  • Understand the economic benefits of S3 Glacier based on real customer scenarios

To learn more about S3 Glacier Deep Archive, register to attend this webinar on April 24 from 1:00pm to 2:00pm PT. 

Sean White

Sean White

Sean White is the Amazon S3 product marketing manager at AWS. He enjoys writing about the innovative ways customers use Amazon S3, launching new features and innovations that that delight customers, and simplifying the complex. He is based in Boston, loves spending time with his wife and two kids, watching sports, and exploring craft breweries.