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Introducing the AWS Builder Lab Observability Hub at re: Invent 2023

Every year at AWS re: Invent we host the AWS Builder Labs in The Mandalay Bay. This is a space for all show attendees to get hands on and use our labs to elevate their understanding of and confidence using AWS services.

This year, we are very excited to launch the AWS Observability Hub. The Observability Hub will display LIVE Amazon CloudWatch dashboards showing some of the Observability we care about from the AWS Builder Labs experience, from a business, developer, and support perspective.

Why is this important?

As an attendee you will get to see how we use our own services to run the AWS Builder Lab platform, which is the powerful platform that delivers live Builder Labs during the event (and all events worldwide). We worked closely with our AWS Builder Lab engineering teams, and our Cloud Operations Architects, to develop and refine our metrics that help tell our story.

 What will you see?

We’ll have CloudWatch dashboards showing AWS Builder Labs data from a business, developer, and support perspective. As an example, the business dashboard focuses on the impact of the experience: how many people are benefiting from the experience? How many labs are being used, and which ones? As well as impact metrics: our business wants to know if our users can access the website, login, and if the labs are working correctly.

Here is a quick preview showing our business dashboard with test data.

Our developer dashboard shows how data is being used to drive new features to improve the customer experience, and our support dashboard focuses on the key data that the support team will be using to make sure there is a smooth experience for everyone at the event.

Meet the team at re: Invent 2023

On your way to take an AWS Builder Lab, stop by and visit us at Mandalay Bay (South L2) on Monday 11/27 to Wednesday 11/29 from 8:00am – 6:30pm and Thursday 11/30 from 8:00am-5:00pm. We’ll have the CloudWatch dashboards displayed on large screens, and our business and technical experts are looking forward to meeting you! We’ll be happy to share the stories behind these Observability dashboards, how we created them, and talk CloudWatch and Observability.

What next?

We have created the AWS Cloud Operations Learning Plan, available on our online learning center, AWS Skill Builder, to help you and your organization learn about AWS services and Observability. The learning plan is comprised of over 40 hours of digital courses and self paced labs (some courses are free; others are part of AWS Skill Builder subscription).

Looking forward to meeting you at re: Invent!