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AWS for Media & Entertainment launches a free digital learning badge for Direct-to-Consumer and Broadcast Foundations

Today Amazon Web Services (AWS) launches a free AWS Learning Plan and Digital Badge for Media and Entertainment (M&E) for Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) and Broadcast Foundations. The learning plan educates executives, industry professionals, and technologists about the AWS services and best practices to apply to Broadcast and Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) workflows in the cloud.

Three free resources to build skills in media services workflows

More organizations than ever before are looking to connect with their customers and communities via livestreaming or on-demand video and are eager to learn how to build cloud or hybrid media workflows. If you’re a company whose primary business is video streaming or if you’re exploring how video streaming can create new ways for you […]

Advance your AWS Media Services skills with two new digital courses

Are you interested in learning about the daily operations of media services? Ever considered creating high-quality video for broadcast or video-on-demand? We’ve released two new courses that can help you: AWS Elemental MediaLive Primer and AWS Elemental MediaConvert Primer. Each 60-minute, intermediate level course includes short, 10-30 minute modules, making it easier for you to […]