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Three free resources to build skills in media services workflows

More organizations than ever before are looking to connect with their customers and communities via livestreaming or on-demand video and are eager to learn how to build cloud or hybrid media workflows. If you’re a company whose primary business is video streaming or if you’re exploring how video streaming can create new ways for you to reach customers, enhance services, or generate new opportunities, AWS Media Services can make cloud-based video workflows feasible and affordable for organizations of all sizes, across a wide range of industries.

Because it’s important to build the right solution for your particular needs, we’re excited to announce three new, free resources to help you develop the skills you need to deliver great media experiences to your customers: an updated AWS Ramp-Up Guide for Media Services and two on-demand training courses.

Three free resources to develop cloud-based media services skills

If you’re uncertain where you’d like to begin with training in AWS Media Services, consider our AWS Ramp-Up Guide for Media Services. The guide leads you through a host of resources, starting with fundamental content on how video streaming with AWS Media Services works, then diving deeper into how to use individual AWS Media Services, and finally, exploring how to use AWS Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) and data-analysis tools to meet ever-changing viewer expectations. We offer AWS Ramp-Up Guides for a variety of services and roles, and customers often tell us they find them incredibly useful.

Media Supply Chain: Video Processing and Delivery is a free, digital course designed for anyone who creates videos for their business or uses videos to augment their business. In this foundational course, you’ll delve into a breakdown of the key stages involved in streaming content from a source to a viewer’s screen over the internet. You’ll also learn the fundamental video concepts and terminology that are critical to choosing and using cloud-based media solutions that work best for your use case.

If you’re ready for a practical and use-case driven introduction to AWS Media Services, try our new course, Introduction to AWS Media Services by Use Case. This free, digital course uses real-world examples to help you understand the solutions AWS Media Services offers, how they work, and which ones would best meet your business needs. This course will help you understand the variables to consider when designing your unique media workflow and allow you to explore the many capabilities, such as advanced analytics and content personalization, that are available when you use AWS Media Services in combination with other AWS services.

Learn more about AWS Training and Certification for Media Services and enroll in one or more of our courses today.