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Join us for episode 8 of AWS Dev Hour: Building Modern Applications

It’s hard to believe we’ve arrived at the last episode of our eight-week AWS Dev Hour: Building Modern Applications series! Join us this Thursday, March 18, at 4:00 p.m. PST on the AWS Twitch channel. If you’re just hearing about the show, you can learn more about each episode and watch all previous episodes on demand.

Episode eight sneak peek

Wow, what an amazing journey. Together, we’ve created a full-stack application leveraging the power of the AWS Cloud. In our final episode, we’ll review everything that we’ve built together so far and discuss what we could do next to continue to improve our application. And don’t forget to bring any last, lingering questions to the live chat. Our chat moderators love to help!

“What an amazing journey AWS Dev Hour has been. I hope that you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have,” said co-host Ben Newton. “Thanks for hanging out with us! We really appreciate every single one of you for your commitment and contributions to the show. Stay curious and stay AWSome!”

“I can’t believe we’re in week eight of AWS Dev Hour!” said co-host May Kyaw. “I just wanted to say a massive thank you to our audience for tuning in and being part of the show. And, of course, shout out to our team for their awesome support!”

What is AWS Dev Hour: Building Modern Applications?

Built by developers, for developers, the series offers an interactive, fun, and hands-on approach that gives you the chance to learn by doing. Over the course of eight weekly episodes, AWS expert hosts Ben Newton and May Kyaw, both based in Australia, will take you through the end-to-end build of a serverless application in the AWS Cloud using the AWS Free Tier. You’ll start building a modern, full-stack, cloud-native application in the AWS Cloud, and in each episode, you’ll get to code in real time alongside your hosts, leveraging AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon API Gateway, the React library, authentication, Amazon S3, Amazon SQS, AWS CodePipeline, and more. Along the way, you’ll learn best practices for modern applications and better understand how AWS-Cloud-native applications differ from on premises. The new AWS Dev Hour: Building Modern Applications series is part of AWS’s commitment to provide free skills training to 29 million learners globally by 2025 through innovative offerings that meet learners where they are.

Join us March 18 and learn more

Join us this Thursday, March 18, at 4:00 p.m. PST for the final episode of AWS Dev Hour: Building Modern Applications on the AWS Twitch channel.