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New, free course builds knowledge of AWS cloud acquisition for non-IT professionals, executives

Businesses, governments, healthcare providers, nonprofit organizations, and educational institutions are increasingly looking to the AWS Cloud to help them develop new ways to engage and serve their customers. As a result, there’s a high and growing demand for staff with cloud-acquisition skills to effectively buy and manage the cloud resources and solutions they need—and it’s not just among procurement leads or IT staff. Organizations are seeing the benefits of investing in cloud-acquisition training to increase employee understanding of the cloud in order to maximize the benefits of cloud technology for their customers.

If you’re new to the cloud, working in a non-technical role, or looking to learn the fundamentals of how to buy AWS Cloud, our AWS Getting Started with Cloud Acquisition digital course is the place to start.

This free course is designed to help anyone—from executives, to program and project managers, to buyers and procurement professionals—upskill and start their learning journey to AWS through effective cloud-acquisition practices. This course is interactive, includes learner activities and knowledge checks, and is available on demand across the globe.

“Building cloud fluency—specifically among staff in non-IT roles—is one of many best practices I’ve observed in organizations that have implemented and executed successful cloud strategies,” said  Maureen Lonergan, director of AWS Training and Certification. “With the AWS Getting Started with Cloud Acquisition course, you can gain foundational knowledge of cloud acquisition at your own pace. Starting down a path toward cloud fluency can pay dividends for your organization’s digital transformation goals with the cloud.”

About the Course

Getting Started with Cloud Acquisition is free, 80-minute, digital course that covers the fundamentals of how to buy cloud wherever you are, whenever you want. You’ll learn essential information from the very start of the cloud procurement effort so you can be comfortable discussing with your organization’s stakeholders why cloud procurement is different than buying traditional IT hardware. The course also covers pricing, security, data sovereignty and data residency, sustainability, terms and conditions, AWS Partners, and more.

The course is available in 14 additional languages: German, Finnish, French, Indonesian, Japanese, Swedish, Arabic, Spanish (Spain), Spanish (LatAm), Italian, Hebrew, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), and Korean.

Learn more about the AWS Getting Started with Cloud Acquisition digital course and start learning the fundamentals of AWS Cloud acquisition today.