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New Twitch Series – AWS Cloud Quest: Cloud Practitioner launches June 22

Are you interested in cloud computing but looking for a fun, interactive, and informal learning option? Join us for the free, six-episode Twitch Series, AWS Cloud Quest: Cloud Practitioner to learn Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud concepts in a live gaming environment.

Join host Rafael (Raf) Lopes, principal cloud technologist for AWS Training and Certification, as he livestreams the new open world role-playing game, AWS Cloud Quest: Cloud Practitioner role. You’ll follow along as Raf plays the game, exploring compute, storage, network, and security-related cloud topics, while helping a virtual city solve key business challenges along the way.

This live Twitch series is designed for anyone just starting out in their cloud learning journey. Each one-hour episode will livestream on Wednesdays at 10:00 a.m. PST from June 22 through July 27 (except for episode four, which will run on July 12 via AWS On-Air, live from the AWS New York Summit).

If you’re attending either the AWS New York Summit or AWS re:Inforce in Boston this year, you can watch Raf play the game in person while we’re streaming LIVE from these events.

Why participate in this Twitch series?

AWS Cloud Quest: Cloud Practitioner provides a unique firsthand experience as you learn how the cloud solves real-world business challenges through the lens of a role-playing game. By participating in Cloud Quest, you’ll quickly get up to speed on cloud concepts, terminology, and solutions.

Each episode offers you an opportunity to ask questions and interact with AWS experts, who will share tips, insights, and exercises to help strengthen your knowledge and understanding of the AWS Cloud.

What you’ll learn

During this six-week series, Raf will guide you through multiple nodes of the Cloud Quest game. Raf will be joined by other AWS experts participating as Player 2, and chat room moderators will be on hand to engage with you and other Twitch viewers in real time.

After completing the series, you’ll understand AWS infrastructure concepts (such as the difference between AWS Regions and Availability Zones) and have a solid working knowledge of AWS services and business-focused cloud solutions. Key topics will include:

Episode 1 (June 22): AWS Cloud Quest – Cloud Computing Essentials

  • Learn fundamental cloud concepts, including file storage and website hosting
  • Help the virtual city build a dashboard with beach wave information

Episode 2 (June 29): Cloud First Steps – Compute and Infrastructure

  • Learn AWS infrastructure and compute basics such as AWS Regions, Availability Zones (AZs), and EC2 Instances
  • Help the virtual city fix its island stabilization system

Episode 3 (July 6): Compute Solutions

  • Learn about EC2 operations, including instance types, attributes, and resizing
  • Help the virtual city build a new school

Episode 4 (Tuesday, July 12, airing LIVE at the AWS New York Summit): Network Concepts

  • Learn about networking concepts such as routing, firewalls, subnets, gateways, and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).
  • Help a bank segregate networks between its database hosts and web servers

Episode 5 (July 20): Databases in Practice – DB/Storage

  • Learn how to implement resilient, replicated, multi-AZ databases
  • Help an insurance company deploy a reliable database architecture

Episode 6 (July 27, airing LIVE at AWS re:Inforce): Core Security Concepts

  • Learn security concepts using Identity Access Management (IAM) roles, policies, and credentials
  • Help a stock exchange company harden its security boundaries

All episodes will be available on demand (check out the full schedule on Twitch), and stay tuned for additional seasons of AWS Cloud Quest on Twitch as you continue your cloud journey.

Join us live on Twitch to play the game!

Explore the Twitch series page and sign up to receive reminders, recorded episodes, and helpful resources in your email inbox. We can’t wait for you to dive into the world of AWS Cloud and embark on the quest, starting June 22!