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Now accepting applications for the AWS AI & ML Scholarship program

Calling all high school and college students who are at least 16 years old and underserved or underrepresented in tech globally – we invite you to apply for the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) Scholarship Program. The AWS AI & ML Scholarship Program, in collaboration with Intel and Udacity, will launch this summer seeking to inspire, motivate, and educate students about AI and ML to nurture a diverse workforce of the future.

AWS AI and ML Scholarship: program specifics

We will select students from across the globe to win a scholarship to the AI Programming with Python Udacity Nanodegree, a project and skills-based educational credential program, (a $4,000 USD value).

Over the course of a four-month virtual course, scholarship recipients will learn ML fundamentals and the real-world problems that AWS ML solves through a hands-on experience, providing the latest AI and ML training content, amounting to approximately five to 10 hours a week of self-paced learning. In addition, they will receive mentorship opportunities from tenured AWS and Intel experts. This program was designed with new-to-ML learners in mind.

The program works on a cohort-based approach, with two cohorts per year, each consisting of 1,000 students. Applications for the first cohort are due on July 13, and applications for the second cohort are due on October 18.

Students who participate in this program will gain valuable skills to further advance their career in the AI & ML field. They will make meaningful connections with tenured AWS and Intel experts, creating a future network that they can call on for guidance.

In the spirit of continuous learning, the top five hundred performing scholarship participants who receive the highest scores in the first Udacity Nanodegree will be eligible for a second scholarship to join a more advanced Udacity Nanodegree curated specifically for AI & ML Scholarship program recipients. This six-month course combines deep learning, ML engineering Nanodegree concepts, and 12 months of one on one mentoring from AWS and Intel experts to further prepare them for a career in tech.

Prerequisites and how to apply

Many are excited to jump into ML, but there is a broad range of knowledge to gain before getting started. As a prerequisite, individuals who wish to apply for the scholarship program will want to utilize AWS DeepRacer Student to learn the foundations of ML, applying their skills to an autonomous AI & ML racing league. With AWS DeepRacer Student, participants can take advantage of easy-to-use tools that bridge the knowledge gap in a gamified manner. All of the scholarship prerequisites can be accessed and tracked on the automated dashboard of the AWS DeepRacer Student home screen. There is no cost to get started with AWS DeepRacer Student or to apply to the scholarship program.

To apply, individuals can take the following steps:

  1. Sign into AWS DeepRacer Student and opt into the AI & ML Scholarship program.
  2. Review learning modules and score 80% or higher on all required quizzes.
  3. Create and train a model to autonomously drive around a track in a simulated environment while trying to achieve the fastest time possible. There are information buttons to understand the terminology and functionality of every option presented when logged into the service.
  4. Submit your model to the AWS DeepRacer Student League. You will need to complete a time trial in less than three minutes and submit to the leaderboard.
  5. Students who successfully complete learning module quizzes and meet the designated time trial performance will be prequalified and receive a unique code to complete their scholarship application through Udacity.
  6. Udacity will contact applicants about their scholarship status. Students who are selected for a scholarship will be provided with information about important dates.

Up-level professional development and networking skills

The AWS AI & ML Scholarship program provides students with the opportunity to receive technology and ML career guidance from tenured AWS and Intel experts. Along the way, students will interact with mentors who have a vast amount of experience applying ML and deep learning techniques across all facets of business. There will be monthly events on a wide range of topics from career development, networking, and promoting diversity and equity in the tech workforce. Recipients of the scholarship for the Udacity Nanodegree program will also receive weekly support from Udacity mentors through small group sessions for technical guidance and progress towards program completion.

Students can build a community of peers in the AWS Machine Learning Discord, specifically designed for student ML developers to connect, support one another, and collaborate. The community will help the students build a professional network that supports their progress toward earning a more advanced Udacity nanodegree, opening the door to more scholarships, and garnering more recognition that helps them stand out even further in their careers.

For more details and to take the next steps, visit the AWS AI & ML Scholarship Program.