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Accelerate your application-development skills with three free Amazon DynamoDB courses

Amazon DynamoDB is a fully managed, multi-region, key-value, durable database with built-in security that delivers single-digit millisecond performance at any scale. DynamoDB can handle more than 10 trillion requests per day and can support peaks of more than 20 million requests per second. DynamoDB reflects a paradigm shift from relational databases in terms of management, […]

Move your career forward with AWS Training

Guest article submitted by Myles Brown, Senior Cloud and DevOps Advisor at ExitCertified, an AWS Training Partner Program member   When hockey legend Wayne Gretzky was little, his dad coached him with the following advice: “Skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been.” As it happens, this famous piece of guidance […]

ICYMI: March 2021 new courses, stories, and resources from AWS Training and Certification

Below is a summary of AWS Training and Certification news and updates for March 2021. Explore our training content, stories, and resources. Skills Development Changing landscape of skills development during the pandemic How has the pandemic changed the landscape of organizational learning and development? Why are inclusion and diversity so important in technology training? How […]

10 study tips for the AWS Certified Database – Specialty Certification

I’ve worked in the IT industry for a little over 20 years. I began my career as a junior database administrator learning relational database administration skills from a group of seasoned professionals. At that time, relational database engines were the predominant technology for data processing, and I focused exclusively on commercial database engines from Oracle […]

Six free courses for building modern apps with purpose-built databases

Choosing the right database for the workload is one of the most important decisions developers can make to create performant and responsive cloud-based applications. Aligning the type of database with the data-access patterns of the application can also promote agile application development. We offer a portfolio of purpose-built databases for all types of applications—from small, […]

ICYMI: October 2020 highlights from AWS Training and Certification

Below is a summary of AWS Training and Certification news and updates for the month of October, including all our new courses launched this month. Dive in and explore! Enterprise skills development CloudCheckr staff earn more than 80 AWS Certifications in 80 days CloudCheckr, an AWS Partner, recently validated its employees’ cloud expertise by completing […]

3 Ways to Go from Database Administrator to Database Innovator

As organizations re-evaluate their database strategies, they’re rapidly transitioning from on-premises deployments and embracing the cloud model to gain both efficiency and agility. One-size-fits-all relational databases are quickly giving way to purpose-built databases optimized for specific use cases to help enable higher performance and lower costs. This industry-wide transition is hastened by a new generation of […]

Today’s cloud-based databases create new possibilities—and require new skills

As more organizations move to the cloud, expanding their cloud database skills improves operational efficiency, increases business agility, and accelerates innovation. Not long ago, 95 percent of Autodesk’s databases were on-premises. This leading company found that traditional and commercial databases no longer met their need to grow in new markets; moving to the cloud was […]

The evolution of the database administrator role

Before the cloud, companies would typically have a team of database administrators (DBAs) and database specialists with one mission—to stand up and maintain the chosen database solution for the entire company. The DBAs who work with that database develop deep expertise in the management and maintenance of the particular database system. Since they have invested […]

Five ways to ramp up on AWS databases

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers the broadest selection of purpose-built databases, with 15 available today. This is exciting and empowering for database specialists and database administrators (DBAs) who have increased options to select the optimal database for specific use cases and application deployment requirements. It’s also a great time for DBAs and those looking to move […]