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Six free courses for building modern apps with purpose-built databases

Choosing the right database for the workload is one of the most important decisions developers can make to create performant and responsive cloud-based applications. Aligning the type of database with the data-access patterns of the application can also promote agile application development. We offer a portfolio of purpose-built databases for all types of applications—from small, back-office systems to mobile and consumer web applications with global scale.

We’re excited to introduce six free, digital courses that explore the benefits of and processes for building modern applications with purpose-built databases, such as Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon ElastiCache, Amazon Neptune, Amazon DocumentDB, and Amazon Keyspaces.

Designed for developers, data engineers, and solutions architects, these fundamental and intermediate courses include presentations, video demonstrations, and downloadable user guides. Alex DeBrie, an AWS Hero, will also guide you through five hands-on tutorials for designing and building databases for a fictitious restaurant review and rating application. These courses take 20 to 40 minutes to complete and are part of a portfolio of over 40 AWS Training and Certification courses that can help you plan, design, manage, and secure AWS database solutions.

About the new digital courses

Getting Started with Purpose-Built Databases

  • Why purpose-built databases?
  • Factors to consider when choosing a database

High Performance and Scale with Amazon DynamoDB

  • Prepare for data modeling with DynamoDB
  • Plan your data model and create a DynamoDB table
  • Interact with DynamoDB in your application

Caching for High-Volume Workloads with Amazon ElastiCache

  • Create a Redis instance using ElastiCache
  • Implement a cache-aside strategy for the application with your instance

Graph Relationships with Amazon Neptune

  • Create a Neptune database
  • Design your graph data model and load sample data
  • Use a graph database in your application

Document Storage with Amazon DocumentDB

  • Create an Amazon DocumentDB database
  • Design a document data model and load sample data
  • Use Amazon DocumentDB in your application

Scalability and Familiarity with Amazon Keyspaces

  • Create an Amazon Keyspaces Table
  • Insert, read, and delete data from your application with Amazon Keyspaces

Enroll in these courses to explore how you can create modern, cloud-based applications with our purpose-built databases. Discover convenient, comprehensive data & analytics training here.