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Overcoming 5 common roadblocks in the ML learning journey

According to forecast predictions from Forbes, the global machine learning (ML) market in 2017 was valued at $1.58B and is expected to reach $20.83B in 2024, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 44.06% between 2017 and 2024. The same report indicates there are 44,864 jobs in the US today (98,371 worldwide) that list ML […]

Introducing new AWS + Udacity machine learning scholarship program

If you read our recent blog post on learning Machine Learning (ML) with AWS Training and Certification, you know that we offer many different ways to get started with learning ML, from free digital training to virtual classroom courses, and beyond. One thing we didn’t touch on, however, is our collaboration with digital training partners […]

Cognitive Science Post 3: Using elaboration to reinforce your understanding of concepts

This is the third and final post on how you can use principles from the cognitive sciences to enhance your learning of the AWS Cloud. Earlier in this series, we looked at how important it is to not rely solely on passively taking in information from a presentation or a class. Instead, challenge yourself to […]

Helping learning and development climb the artificial intelligence ladder

A little over a year ago, I stood in the expo hall at a learning and development (L&D) conference with JD Dillon, founder and principal at LearnGeek. We watched demos of chatbots, predictive learning management systems, and gamified courses. As vendors touted their artificial intelligence (AI) solutions as “AI-enabled” to power “the future of work,” […]