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Top five reasons AWS Partners should take AWS Training

Are you new to an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner business and the cloud? Not sure where to start your cloud learning journey? It may feel daunting but AWS offers Partner-exclusive courses to make it easier to understand cloud fundamentals. In fewer than 30 minutes, you can begin boosting your confidence and credibility with both customers and your organization.

Regardless of your role, everyone can benefit. As Uri Parush, a serverless architect from Israel, said, “I need to understand the IT world as a whole, including the cloud’s role in it, and I also need to understand my customers’ worlds, too. I was driven by the thought of being able to make the maximum possible impact for and on behalf of customers, so AWS Training felt like the right path to take.”

In this blog, we’ll share five reasons you should start training today as an AWS Partner.

1.   Cloud training is for anyone within an AWS Partner business

Training allows technical professionals to stay competitive and up to date in their industry. However, you don’t have to be an IT professional to realize the benefits of AWS Cloud training—it can be felt across an organization, from HR to IT.  In fact, more than 80% of business professionals reported improved job effectiveness and efficiency as a result of their AWS Training and/or AWS Certification, according to a recent Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) study commissioned by AWS.

Training helps business professionals better support their customers with a deeper understanding of the cloud. Departments like product or project management find that up-to-date knowledge of AWS services leads to improved collaboration. With a better understanding of IT workloads, HR professionals have the necessary information to deftly assess key skills and recruit and retain the right tech talent. Marketers with a deeper understanding of the cloud speak the language of their customers, and are better equipped to relay the value that their company brings to cloud projects, increasing the company’s sales pipeline and profitability.

Starting a cloud training journey helps you realize how the cloud has an impact on both your organization and your customers’ organizations, while helping you drive innovation and improve the customer experience.

2.   Partners get access to exclusive training content

As the employee of an AWS Partner, you can access various AWS Training courses, with topics ranging from security to migration. These courses can help propel your career as you garner expertise through continual learning. With this additional knowledge, you can better understand technical conversations and take on more responsibility in your career.

These courses are partner-exclusive, meaning they are only available to individuals who work for an AWS Partner Network (APN) organization. It’s easy to access the courses; just sign up with your work email to validate your employment. You can view details about how to register in this video.

3.   Cloud Training is free to AWS Partners

AWS Training is free to AWS Partners. We have more than 500 courses that are offered in two different formats – 1) digital/self-paced and 2) live/instructor-led training – that span foundational, intermediate, and advanced content. If you want a guided, more curated experience, our Partner learning paths outline a set of courses to help prepare you for an AWS Certification or dive deep into a specific topic, such as security or migration. This gives you the flexibility to choose how and when to take our trainings.

4.   Cloud training fits your schedule

With digital courses as short as 10 minutes, AWS Training enables you to get started quickly without requiring a large time commitment. These bite-sized trainings can easily fit into your schedule, allowing you to take them when it’s convenient for you. When you have more time available, take a half-day or full-day course to help you dive deeper into cloud topics. Choose your own path, focusing on your cloud learning journey when it’s most convenient for you.

5.   Cloud training helps you earn accreditations quickly and easily

Cloud Economics Partner Accreditation BadgeEarning your AWS Partner Accreditation helps you establish yourself as a leader in your organization by highlighting your skills to coworkers and management and earning their trust in your abilities before projects even start. Once you start training, you can earn an AWS Partner Accreditation in less than a day. After passing the digital assessment at the end of the accreditation course, you will receive a Partner-exclusive digital badge to add to your resume, portfolio, and professional social profiles. These badges show you have the cloud knowledge that today’s companies are looking for. Regardless of your role, your new skills help make you more marketable in the technology and consulting industries.

Start your cloud knowledge journey

Now that you know how AWS Training and Certification can help your career, start your learning journey today.