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Join Amazon Chime meetings with Alexa to stay connected with co-workers

Customers are always looking for easy ways to join work meetings virtually with high-quality video and audio. There can be technical challenges connecting to a meeting or unreliable video and audio. There are also inherent problems such as simultaneously using a computer as a screen for the meeting and a device to draft notes. The current pandemic, and its social-distancing recommendations, has made virtual meetings a part of daily life and has increased the need to address the above challenges.

Introducing Amazon Chime on Echo Show

With Amazon Chime on Echo Show 8, customers can have high-quality, touchless Amazon Chime meeting experiences on a dedicated device while simultaneously using their laptop for other work. Simply say “Alexa, join my Amazon Chime meeting or “Alexa, join my meeting”.” There is nothing to download and there are no new skills to add. We recommend linking your work calendar using the Alexa app for a more seamless meeting join experience.

If you link your calendar and the Amazon Chime meeting details are included in the body of the meeting invite, after you say “Alexa, join my Amazon Chime meeting” Alexa will confirm the meeting title and join the meeting without asking for additional information.  If your calendar is not linked, Alexa will ask for the Amazon Chime meeting ID, which you would have to provide to join the meeting.

Joining an Amazon Chime meeting on Echo devices does not require an Amazon Chime account. Alexa will join the meeting and pass the name associated with the Alexa account, to Amazon Chime. That name will be displayed in the attendee roster during the meeting.

Getting started

Amazon Chime video meetings are available on Echo Show 8 only. Other Echo devices such as Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Echo Spot, Echo Show (1st Gen), Echo Show (2nd Gen), Echo Show 5, and Echo Auto, are supported for Amazon Chime voice meetings only. We recommend linking your work Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft Outlook, Google G Suite, or Apple iCloud calendar account with Alexa using the Alexa app. Once linked, please include the Amazon Chime meeting URL in the meeting location field or body for a smoother meeting join.

Covintus Inc is a company that provides custom software development solutions across the entire software life cycle, including skills for Alexa. “It was very easy to start using Amazon Chime on the Echo Show. I just kind of went through the setup on my own. I was able to easily setup the meeting on my Google calendar for work and join the meeting”, said Logan Ryan, Delivery Manager and Business Development Lead at Covintus Inc.

During an Amazon Chime meeting on your Echo Show 8, you can share your video, view shared content, view a list of meeting attendees and their status, and turn your audio and video on and off. You can also provide feedback on the meeting experience when you leave the meeting. Amazonians have been joining Amazon Chime meetings on their Echo Shows since June 2020 and liking the experience.