Build .NET on AWS

Accelerate your .NET development with our series of on-demand webinars for public sector developers

Public sector developers frequently build using .NET and Windows workloads. We developed this video series to cut down the learning curve to using our innovative cloud services. Each webinar dives into key activities central to building an application. Learn how to migrate your Windows workload to AWS and discover what it takes to build a serverless .NET application—or one that relies on containers for greater ease and flexibility.

AWS Webinar: Intro to AWS for .NET Developers

Level 200

Get an overview of .NET developer resources and how to get started on AWS. Watch as we build and deploy our first .NET application with AWS Elastic Beanstalk.


AWS Webinar: Migrating a .NET Framework Web App to AWS

Level 300

Migrate your .NET application with minimal steps. See how AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio can enable you to fully leverage AWS services.


AWS Webinar: Building a Serverless .NET Application on AWS

Level 300

This demonstration-heavy webinar highlights the latest techniques, tools, and libraries for developers with .NET Core on AWS.


AWS Webinar: Building a .NET Application with Containers on AWS

Level 300

Run containerized Windows and .NET applications in production on AWS including getting started with Kubernetes and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes (EKS) using the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio.


AWS Webinar: Define and Build Your Cloud Infrastructure Using .NET

Level 300

Watch live coding of an application with CDK in .NET and see how easy it is to configure your cloud resources, manage permissions, and build and publish your own constructs.




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