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Top Announcements of the AWS Summit in New York, 2023

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Below are highlights of the exciting announcements from the AWS Summit in New York City. AWS Summit is a free, in-person event that brings together cloud enthusiasts for a day of learning, networking, and collaboration.

(This post was last updated: 10:14 a.m. PST, July 26, 2023.)

AWS announcements from July 26, 2023

Preview – Enable Foundation Models to Complete Tasks With Agents for Amazon Bedrock
Agents extend FMs to understand user requests, break down complex tasks into multiple steps, carry on a conversation to collect additional information, and take actions to fulfill the request.

AWS Entity Resolution: Match and Link Related Records from Multiple Applications and Data Stores
AWS Entity Resolution offers advanced matching techniques, such as rule-based matching and machine learning models, to help you accurately link related sets of customer information, product codes, or business data codes.

New – Amazon EC2 P5 Instances Powered by NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs for Accelerating Generative AI and HPC Applications
The performance increase of the next-generation GPU instances will enable customers to see up to 40 percent lower training costs.

Announcing Generative BI capabilities in Amazon QuickSight
Coming soon, business analysts will be able to easily perform common tasks using natural language such as creating visuals in seconds using a new QuickSight Q-powered visual authoring experience, and more.

Announcing AWS HealthScribe (Preview)
The new HIPAA-eligible service is designed to help healthcare software vendors build clinical applications that automatically generate preliminary clinical notes by analyzing patient-clinician conversations.

Build data integration jobs with AI companion on AWS Glue Studio notebook powered by Amazon CodeWhisperer
While you write code in Python or simply type words in English within Glue Studio notebooks, CodeWhisperer provides you with recommendations in real time.

AWS offers new artificial intelligence, machine learning, and generative AI guides to plan your AI strategy 
Based on our own—and our customers’—experience, we provide a framework of best practices for AI transformation and accelerating business outcomes through innovative use of AI on AWS.

Introducing the vector engine for Amazon OpenSearch Serverless, now in preview
Developers can use the vector engine to build machine-learning augmented search experiences and generative artificial-intelligence applications without having to manage the vector database infrastructure.

New technical deep dive course: Generative AI Foundations on AWS
This 8-hour deep dive is a curated playlist of the top resources, concepts, and guidance to get up to speed on foundation models, especially those that unlock generative capabilities in your data science and machine learning projects.

AWS announcements from July 25, 2023

Introducing AWS HealthImaging — purpose-built for medical imaging at scale
This new HIPAA-eligible service empowers healthcare providers and their software partners to store, analyze, and share medical imaging data at petabyte scale.

Amazon Redshift now supports querying Apache Iceberg tables (preview)
Apache Iceberg, one of the most recent open table formats, has been used by many customers to simplify data processing on rapidly expanding and evolving tables stored in data lakes.

AWS Glue Studio now supports Amazon Redshift Serverless
Before this launch, developers using Glue Studio only had access to Redshift tables in Redshift clusters. Now, those same developers can connect to Redshift Serverless tables directly without manual configuration.

Snowflake connectivity for AWS Glue for Apache Spark is now generally available
AWS Glue for Apache Spark now supports native connectivity to Snowflake, which enables users to read and write data without the need to install or manage Snowflake connector libraries.

AWS Glue jobs can now include AWS Glue DataBrew Recipes
The new integration makes it simpler to deploy and scale DataBrew jobs and gives DataBrew users access to AWS Glue features not available in DataBrew.

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