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New courses and certification updates from AWS Training and Certification in November 2023

We’re back with the November course launches and certification updates from AWS Training and Certification to equip you and your teams with the skills to work with AWS services and solutions.

This month we launched 16 digital training products on AWS Skill Builder, including 9 new AWS Builder Labs and self-serve AWS Jam events in AWS Skill Builder subscription. For executives, we’ve added more digital training to help you build your knowledge of cloud – this time for small business owners and risk and compliance officers. For AWS Partners in technical roles, check out the major update to the classroom course AWS Partner: Advanced Migrating on AWS.

New AWS Skill Builder subscription features

The following are new features of AWS Skill Builder Individual or Team subscription. With subscription, you can also access 195+ AWS Builder Labs, enhanced exam prep resources, AWS Cloud Quest, AWS Industry Quest, AWS Jam Journeys, and more. There’s something for every cloud learner, from brand new builder to experienced professional.

AWS Builder Labs

Fundamental labs for technical learners

Building a Serverless API (30 min.) provides you hands-on experience deploying a serverless API using the AWS Serverless Application Model (AWS SAM).

Lab – Python Challenge (30 min.) provides you practical exercises designed to reinforce Python understanding and proficiency in a professional context.

Using the AWS Systems Manager Run Command for Automation (60 min.) teaches you practical skills with Run Command, a capability of AWS Systems Manager, to manage a fleet of three Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances.

AWS CodeBuild Hello World (40 min.) provides you a comprehensive and hands-on look into modern AWS back-end development workflows AWS CodeCommit and AWS CodeBuild.

Integrating Amazon DynamoDB (30 min.) provides you hands-on experience retrieving data from and populating data to a DynamoDB table by using a Python script.

Using AWS CloudFormation for Automation (30 min.) provides you hands-on experience interacting with and using AWS CloudFormation, Amazon EC2, and the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI).

Create a Static Website with Amazon Simple Storage Service (30 min.) provides you hands-on Python experience updating application code that reads and writes directly to and from an Amazon DynamoDB table using AWS Lambda functions.

Integrating Amazon Simple Queue Service (30 min.) provides you hands-on experience with Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) by working with two Python scripts.

Using the AWS CLI for Automation (60 min.) provides you hands-on experience interacting with the Amazon EC2 service using the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI) to create an Amazon EC2 instance.

New curated self-serve AWS Jam events

AWS Jam events are now available with over 20 curated self-serve events covering topics such as security, machine learning, data analytics, and containers. AWS Jam events are offered with a variety of event durations, difficulty levels, and price points to accommodate your schedule and budget. Get started with a single self-serve AWS Jam event for your team (currently available in English only) or get unlimited access to all AWS Jam events with an AWS Skill Builder Team subscription.

Free digital courses on AWS Skill Builder

Fundamental courses for executive and non-technical audiences

Cloud for Risk and Compliance Executives (11 min.) is designed for chief compliance officers, chief risk officers, and audit executives who are responsible for overseeing and managing risks and regulatory compliance issues within an organization. You’ll learn the importance of the cloud, how it can help you run effective governance, risk, and compliance programs, how to adapt your risk management and compliance functions for your cloud journey, and how cloud can help you with business transitions such as mergers and acquisitions.

Cloud for Small Business Owners (13 min.) is designed for small business owners responsible for the direction of their own company, creating and managing a business plan, developing marketing campaigns, and strategizing ways to remain competitive and profitable. You’ll learn how to increase speed to market, how to build customer trust with ever-growing expectations, and how to leverage the accessibility of advanced technology to help your business compete globally and on a playing field with larger businesses.

Fundamental courses for technical learners

Amazon Route 53 – Basics (60 min.) introduces you to fully managed domain name system (DNS) service on AWS. You’ll learn about DNS and Amazon Route 53, a scalable, highly available, easy-to-manage DNS service on AWS.

AWS Security – Encryption Fundamentals (80 min.) teaches you about the options for enforcing encryption while working with the AWS Cloud and about AWS offerings designed to facilitate the practice of encryption in an AWS Cloud environment. You’ll learn about the following AWS Security encryption services: AWS Certificate Manager and Private Certificate Authority, AWS Key Management Service, and AWS CloudHSM.

Choosing Serverless Containers for .NET (60 min.) teaches you how to choose the most suitable AWS service to run containers serverless for their .NET applications. You’ll learn about the differences and key features of AWS Fargate, AWS App Runner, and AWS Lambda.

Advanced courses for technical learners

Building Generative AI Applications using Amazon Bedrock (4 hours) teaches you how to use Amazon Bedrock to build generative AI applications. You’ll understand how to build text summarizers, knowledge retrievers with chatbots, and task automation using agents for Amazon Bedrock. You’ll also learn how to integrate the Langchain framework with Amazon Bedrock to develop large language models-based applications.

The AWS Security Incident Response series teaches about AWS Security services that help you prepare for security events, including a deep dive into important use cases. The series consists of four courses:

AWS Training for Partners

AWS Partner: Advanced Migrating to AWS (Technical) (1 day) is an advanced classroom training designed for solutions architects, migration engineers, system operators, and application administrators at AWS Partner organizations who want a prescriptive guidance on how to migrate workloads at scale. This major update includes new modules to cover advanced migration topics, such as heterogeneous database and data warehouse migrations, storage data migrations, and refactoring legacy applications.