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Want to Learn More about Amazon Aurora? Join us at the SF AWS Pop-up Loft!

Last week, we announced that Amazon Aurora is now available to all customers. You can read more about the announcement and some of the new Aurora features on the main AWS blog. With the general availability of Aurora, you have a great opportunity to explore its performance and availability benefits, and how Aurora can support your customers’ enterprise database workloads.

Amazon Aurora at the San Francisco AWS Pop-up Loft – August 13th  

We have an exciting event coming up on August 13th from 2 pm – 4 pm at the AWS Pop-up Loft to help you learn more about Aurora and its capabilities. Learn how Aurora will automatically grow the size of your database volume as your needs grow, keep replication lag to a minimum, continuously back up, fail over automatically, and recover quickly with no data loss and parallel thread recovery. With this new storage architecture, hot spots are eliminated resulting in a very high degree of concurrent access, while also being amenable to self-healing and high availability.

Amazon Aurora subject matter experts, including both business and technical experts, will be available to answer your questions and discuss potential use cases following the presentation.

Register now to join us at the Loft!

To learn more about Aurora, click here. Curious how others have been able to use Aurora to support their business needs? Read Aurora testimonials from AWS Customers and Partners here.