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Introducing the APN Digital Media Competency

Our goal is to connect AWS Customers with expert APN Partners to support and enable them as they address specific business needs on AWS. One of our most valuable resources for helping bring AWS Customers and APN Partners together is the APN Competency Program.

The goal of the Competency Program is to provide our customers with qualified APN Partners who’ve demonstrated success – both technical and customer – in working on AWS in specialized solution and vertical areas. We feel confident directing our customers to APN Competency Partners, as these APN Partners’ products and solutions on AWS have gone through a thorough validation process by internal AWS teams, including Solutions Architects (SAs) and AWS Product and Services teams.

We want to make it easy for our customers to identify qualified APN Partners to engage, and we’ve launched APN Competencies across a number of different solutions areas that customers have told us are important to them, including Big Data, Storage, Life Sciences, Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP.

We plan on launching a number of new APN Competencies in 2015 based on customer and APN Partner feedback, and today we’re thrilled to announce the launch of the APN Digital Media Competency.

What is the APN Digital Media Competency?

AWS provides highly secure, reliable, low-cost, easy-to-scale, global IT infrastructure services that allow sports organizations and broadcasters to store, process, deliver and analyze digital video and media content in the cloud. The AWS service portfolio and APN ecosystem enables digital media, entertainment and broadcasting companies to leverage AWS cloud services to deliver outstanding customer experiences with standard, HD and 4k formats for broadcast and over the top video content (OTT) as well as compelling second screen experiences.

APN Digital Media Competency Partners have demonstrated success in helping Media and Entertainment companies (Film & TV Production, Post-Production, Distributers, OVP, Broadcasters and MSO Companies) by delivering solutions that assist in the creation, management, and distribution of digital content.

Digital Media Use Cases and Launch APN Partners

APN Partners can distinguish themselves by specific use case expertise to allow AWS Customers easily identify how they can help address specific business needs. “Being an APN Digital Media Competency Partner will differentiate our work with – and on – AWS,” said David Stubenvoll, CEO and Co-founder of Wowza Media Systems, who continued, “It demonstrates the confidence of the AWS team in Wowza Media Systems as a streaming media leader and expert. We expect more companies will get from streaming concept to deployment faster, knowing from this designation that Wowza and AWS are a proven combination for any-screen streaming media delivery.”

There are a number of different use cases that our APN Partners focus on in the digital media world. Below we’ve listed each use case focus, along with the inaugural APN Partners who are focused on each use case area:

How Can I Apply for the Program?

If you’re an APN Partner with an expertise in Digital Media, and you’d like to learn more about applying to become a Digital Media Competency Partner, click here.