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New AWS for Windows qwikLABS and New Training Page

Amazon Web Services (AWS) helps you build, scale, and manage Microsoft applications in the cloud quickly, easily, more securely, and cost-effectively. Customers get value in running Microsoft applications on AWS in a myriad of ways – from meeting compliance requirements, to improving their security posture, becoming more agile, and reducing costs, just to name a few. And they run all types of Microsoft applications, including new applications built with .NET and SQL Server; to corporate applications like SharePoint Server, Dynamics, and Exchange. There are several ways to integrate Windows applications in AWS with Active Directory.

AWS qwikLABS – Learning Quests

AWS has collaborated with qwikLABS to develop four Learning Quests about Windows areas of interest:

Each Quest consists of about six hands-on labs taking about six to seven hours to complete. Some qwikLABS (e.g. AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell: Getting Started) are in more than one Quest, so you only have to take them once to get credit for them in each Quest.

We’re continuing to expand the list of Windows qwikLABS that are available, including these that were recently published:

New Windows Training Page

Check out our new AWS for Windows Training page to help you navigate all the Learning Quests and qwikLABS on AWS for Windows topics. Please try our qwikLABS and give us feedback. Let us know any topics you’d like to see covered in the future: