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New Machine Learning Discovery Page on AWS Marketplace

By Ash Mazhari, Global Lead, Artificial Intelligence for AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace now has a machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) discovery page that makes it easier to buy software from vendors that are integrated with or running on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Visit the AWS Marketplace ML and AI discovery page >>

The discovery page features software providers for a variety of data engineer, data scientist, and developer use cases, and helps you select the right products faster by showcasing products within the following subcategories:

  • Data Services
  • Machine Learning and Data Science Tools
  • Intelligent APIs and Solutions

The new AWS Machine Learning Competency was announced at the Global Partner Summit at AWS re:Invent 2017, and we are proud to highlight the featured AWS Marketplace sellers who have earned the ML Competency: Alteryx, Domino, SigOpt, Trifacta, and Veritone. These vendors, and more, offer more than 60 products on AWS Marketplace to help you solve ML and AI challenges, including data ingestion, preprocessing, hosting, model building, tuning, testing, optimization, computer vision, neuro-linguistic programming, and more.

The ML and AI solutions you can purchase on AWS Marketplace are billed to your AWS account rather than billed separately by the vendor. You can pay as you go, and with AWS Marketplace, you can easily manage all your software subscriptions in one place.


AWS Marketplace ML and AI page

Amazon’s Investment in ML and AI

Amazon has invested deeply in artificial intelligence for more than 20 years, and many of the capabilities customers experience each day are driven by machine learning.’s recommendations engine is driven by ML, for example, as are the paths that optimize robotic picking routes in our fulfillment centers.

Our supply chain, forecasting, and capacity planning are also informed by ML algorithms. Alexa is fueled by Natural Language Understanding and Automated Speech Recognition deep learning, as is our drone initiative, Prime Air, and the computer vision technology in our new retail experience, Amazon Go.

At AWS, we’re focused on bringing that knowledge and capability to you through three layers of the AI stack:

Now, AWS Marketplace offers customers an even greater variety of AI and ML tools to meet their needs thanks to startups and independent software vendors that have quickly adapted to the market need for ML and AI solutions. Many of these vendors are offer a variety of tools that are available on AWS Marketplace.

Getting Started

With AWS Marketplace, you can navigate, discover, purchase, and deploy the software needed to process data, build and optimize ML and AI models, and build intelligent applications to fuel innovation.

Get started using ML and AI tools and building intelligent applications by visiting the new AWS Marketplace ML and AI discovery page.