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AWS Professional Services Delivery Best Practices Bootcamp in NYC – Sept. 14th – Sept. 17th

Throughout 2015 we’ve hosted AWS Professional Services Delivery Best Practices bootcamps around the world for our Premier APN Consulting Partners and qualified Advanced APN Consulting Partners. We’re hosting another bootcamp in NYC from Sept. 14th – 17th and would like to tell you more about the bootcamp, along with the qualifications to attend.

What is the AWS Professional Services Delivery Best Practices Bootcamp?

The AWS Professional Services Delivery Best Practices Bootcamp is an intensive four-day bootcamp that mixes strategy and ‘delivery how-to’ derived from our own customer implementation and migration projects. We’ll expose participants to an array of topics, from our delivery framework and methodology, to providing deep levels of architectural patterns and examination, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) comparison, Time to Return on Investment (ROI), foundational network design and connectivity, security optimization, application discovery and migration assessments, integration, planning and estimation, hybrid concepts, migration tools, logging, monitoring and automation, and much more. This course is designed to teach you how to:

  • Understand the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework
  • Understand how to perform an effective TCO analysis
  • Identify use cases, reference architectures, and best practices for enterprise deployments
  • Understand migration strategies, methodologies, and tools
  • Architect a foundational design for an enterprise deployment with security controls and risk mitigations
  • Establish cloud quality standards using a disciplined checklist and pointers to resources
  • Use migration functionality for enterprise integration, validation, security, and access controls
  • Run hybrid architecture using metering, chargeback, and show back
  • Application discovery, prioritization, migration execution
  • Design for application optimization using automation tools

It’s also a great opportunity to informally network with others like yourself from a variety of firms, and hear how they view the market and what their customers are doing. We’ve received very good feedback from those who have participated in the bootcamps delivered throughout 2015, and we look forward to delivering another in NYC.

Who Should Attend the NYC AWS Professional Services Bootcamp?

The bootcamp is invite-only, and is intended for technical or professional services practice leaders who focus on helping enterprise customers migrate applications to AWS at our top APN Consulting Partner firms. The following prerequisites for participants are required:

  • Hold at least one Associate level AWS Certification (AWS Certified Solutions Architect, AWS Certified Developer, AWS Certified SysOps Administrator, or AWS Certified DevOps Engineer)
  • Have at least six months of AWS implementation and delivery experience
  • Have completed the AWS TCO and Cloud Economics Accreditation

Where Can I Learn More about Attending the NYC Bootcamp?

We encourage you to check with your AWS Partner Manager to understand the prerequisites and to learn if this bootcamp is right for you or someone on your team.


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