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PH Tech’s Move to Offer Data-as-a-Service – A Webinar with APN Partner 47Lining

Do you want to learn some best practices for using Amazon Redshift for your data warehousing and business intelligence workloads? Check out an upcoming webinar from Advanced APN Consulting Partner and AWS Big Data Competency Partner 47Lining entitled, “Redshift Jumpstart: PH Tech’s Move to Offer Data-as-a-Service”.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • How to jumpstart your data warehousing and business intelligence workload using Amazon Redshift.
  • Design patterns for ingest, transform, load and visualize flows.
  • How to get started in your adoption lifecycle – from PoCs to managed services to performance optimization and system maintenance best practices.

The webinar is on July 20, 2016, 10:00am PT. It features Mick Bass, CEO, 47Lining, and Chad Casady, VP, Information Technology, PH Tech.

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47Lining recently published a guest post on the APN Blog entitled, “Why Our Customers Love Amazon Machine Learning” – read more here.

(Note: the register link will take you to a third party site, off the APN Blog. If you register for the webinar you are registering with a third party, not AWS)