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Adopting Multi-Region Architecture to Support ADP’s High Availability Requirements

ADP provides cloud-based human capital management solutions to over 1 million clients in 140 countries. Using an active-active multi-region architecture on AWS, ADP built a highly available and resilient Voice of Employee application to collect employee feedback throughout the workforce lifecycle. The multi-region deployment meets availability goals and leverages AWS services to enable rapid disaster recovery.


Building with Cells: High Availability and Disaster Recovery Strategies for ADP’s Globally Distributed Enterprise Platforms

Lifion by ADP is an AWS-qualified software offering that builds human capital management (HCM) software to help large, international enterprises manage their workforce. This post explores Lifion’s Kubernetes availability strategy, the datastore design principles used to provide high reliability, and their approach to cell-based reliability engineering (CBRE), which provides mechanisms to compose and re-compose ADP systems against interruptions.


ADP Transforms its Human Capital Management Technology with Support of AWS SaaS Factory

The AWS SaaS Factory team recently worked with Automatic Data Processing (ADP) to help build its next gen HCM solution as a SaaS offering on AWS. ADP leveraged AWS services for its next gen human capital management (HCM) and payroll platform that helps organizations create highly personalized work and pay experiences. ADP chose AWS as the cloud platform for their HCM system for its security, capability, and innovation.