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Amazon ElastiCache – Four New Cache Node Types

If you are using Amazon ElastiCache to implement a caching layer in your application, you now have four additional cache node types to choose from, bringing the total up to eleven types. Here are the new types and their specs:

  • cache.t1.micro has 213 MB of RAM for caching, and 1 virtual core.
  • cache.m1.medium has 3.35 GB of RAM for caching, and 1 virtual core.
  • cache.m3.xlarge has 14.6 GB of RAM for caching,and 4 virtual cores.
  • cache.m3.2xlarge has 33.8 GB of RAM for caching, and 8 virtual cores.

Using the Micro cache node, you can get started for less than $16 per month. You can now boost your application’s performance with a caching layer regardless of your budget.  Visit the ElastiCache pricing page for pricing information on the entire range of cache node types.

The new instance types are available in every Region supported by ElastiCache; see the AWS Products and Services by Region page for more info (the m3 cache node types are available only in the US East (Northern Virginia) Region.

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Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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