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Launch: Amazon ElastiCache Launches Enhanced Redis Backup and Restore with Cluster Resizing

Most of us equate in-memory caching with improved performance and lower cost at scale when designing applications or building solutions. Now if there was only a service that would continually make it simpler to deploy and utilize in-memory cache in the cloud while increasing the ability to scale. Okay no more joking around, the cloud […]

Amazon ElastiCache Update – Export Redis Snapshots to Amazon S3

Amazon ElastiCache supports the popular Memcached and Redis in-memory caching engines. While Memcached is generally used to cache results from a slower, disk-based database, Redis is used as a fast, persistent key-value store. It uses replicas and failover to support high availability, and natively supports the use of structured values. Today I am going to […]

ElastiCache for Redis Update – Upgrade Engines and Scale Up

Amazon ElastiCache makes it easy for you to deploy, operate, and scale an in-memory database in the cloud. As you may already know, ElastiCache supports the Memcached and Redis engines. More Power for Redis Today we are launching an ElastiCache update that provides you with additional control over your Redis-based ElastiCache clusters. You can now […]

Amazon ElastiCache Update – Redis 2.8.19 Now Available

You can use Amazon ElastiCache to easily create, scale, and maintain cloud-based in-memory key-value stores that use the Memcached or Redis engines. Today we are making ElastiCache even more useful by adding support for version 2.8.19 of the Redis engine. Compared to version 2.8.6 (until now the latest version supported by ElastiCache Redis), this version […]

New – Tagging for ElastiCache Clusters & Snapshots

As you probably know, you can tag many types of AWS resources for tracking and billing purposes. You can use the Cost Explorer to attribute costs to resources and you can use Resource Groups to easily create and maintain collections of resources that share a common set of tags. Today we are giving you the […]

AWS Expansion – WorkSpaces, Directory Service, ElastiCache, GovCloud, Kinesis, Traditional Chinese, More

We’ve increased the geographic footprint and international relevance of several AWS services this past month. Here’s a summary: Amazon WorkSpaces and AWS Directory Service are now available in the Asia Pacific (Singapore) region. Amazon ElastiCache is now available in the Europe (Frankfurt) region. AWS Trusted Advisor, Amazon ElastiCache, and RDS integration with AWS CloudTrail are […]

Multi-AZ Support / Auto Failover for Amazon ElastiCache for Redis

Like every AWS offering, Amazon ElastiCache started out simple and then grew in breadth and depth over time. Here’s a brief recap of the most important milestones: August 2011 – Initial launch with support for the Memcached caching engine in one AWS Region. December 2011 – Expansion to four additional Regions. March 2012 – The […]