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Announcing new diagnostic tools for AWS Partner-Led Support (PLS) participants

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We have added a set of diagnostic tools that will give participants in the AWS Partner-Led Support program access to diagnostic tools that will empower them to do an even better job of supporting their customers.

Intro to AWS Partner-Led Support
This AWS Partner Network (APN) program enables AWS Partners to act as the customer’s sole point of contact for technical support. Customers contact their support partner for technical assistance instead of directly contacting AWS. In many cases the partner can resolve the issue directly. If the partner cannot do this, they get guidance from AWS via their AWS Support plan.

Diagnostic tools
These are the same tools that AWS Support Engineers use to assist AWS customers.

When a customer contacts their partner for support, the partner will federate into the customer’s AWS account. Then they will use the new diagnostic tools to access the customer metadata that will help them to identify and diagnose the issue.

The tools are enabled by a set of IAM roles set up by the customer. The tools can access and organize metadata and CloudWatch metrics, but they cannot access customer data and they cannot make any changes to any of the customer’s AWS resources. Here is a small sample of the types of information that partners will be able to access:

  • EC2 Capacity Reservations
  • Lambda Functions List
  • GuardDuty Findings
  • Load Balancer Responses
  • RDS and Redshift Clusters

Each tool operates on a list of regions selected when the tool is run, all invocations of each tool are logged and are easily accessible for review, and the output from each invocation can be directed to one of several different regions.

The tools can be invoked from the AWS Management Console, with API access available in order to support in-house tools, automation, and integration.

Learn more

The service is available today for partners that have joined the Partner-Led Support program. For more information, see the AWS Partner Led Support page.

If you are a current AWS Partner and would like to learn more about this program with an eye toward qualifying and participating, please visit AWS Partner Central.

Learn more about AWS Diagnostic Tools here.


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Jeff Barr

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