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Jeff Barr is Chief Evangelist for AWS. He started this blog in 2004 and has been writing posts just about non-stop ever since.

Amazon S3 – Multi-Object Delete

Amazon S3‘s new Multi-Object Delete gives you the ability to delete up to 1000 objects from an S3 bucket with a single request. If you are planning to delete large numbers of objects from S3 then you can quickly do so by using Multi-Object Delete. You can also delete object versions (in buckets where S3 […]

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AWS Events for December 2011

Here is what we have on the calendar for December, 2011: Webinars: December 8 – Getting Started with Windows on AWS – 9:00 AM EST December 14 – How Enterprises are Using the AWS Cloud Today – 10:00 AM December 15 – AWS Meister Series #12, Provide details of SQS, SNS & SimpleDB – 5:00 […]

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Three More CloudFront / Route 53 Edge Locations – New York, Indiana, San Jose

We have added three more Amazon CloudFront / Route 53 edge locations, bringing the total number of global locations to 24. The new locations are in New York, Indiana, and San Jose, California. The AWS Global Infrastructure map includes a complete list. I sat down with some members of the CloudFront team to learn more […]

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Amazon ElastiCache – Support in Four Additional Regions, CloudFormation Support, Free Webinar

I’ve got lots of Amazon ElastiCache news for you today! We’ve enabled ElastiCache in four additional AWS Regions and we have also added AWS CloudFormation support. New RegionsWe launched ElastiCache back in August (read my blog post to learn more), in the US East (Northern Virginia) Region. As I have mentioned in the past, we […]

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Introducing AWS Simple Icons for your Architecture Diagrams

Cloud Computing has shifted the focus more than ever to architecture of an application. In order to get the maximum benefit of on-demand infrastructure, it is important to invest time in your architectures. A diagram is worth a thousand words. An architecture diagram is probably worth a million to architects and developers. Its is one […]

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Amazon CloudFront Update – Fall 2011

Amazon CloudFront has been a big hit. We’re adding customers, locations, and features at a rapid clip. Let’s take a look at what’s been going on. Lots of CustomersWe now have over 20,000 active* CloudFront customers; this is double the number of customers we had at this time last year. Based on a quick search […]

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