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Jeff Barr is Chief Evangelist for AWS. He started this blog in 2004 and has been writing posts just about non-stop ever since.

Cloudbursting – Hybrid Application Hosting

I get to meet with lots of developers and system architects as part of my job. Talking to them about cloud computing and about the Amazon Web Services is both challenging and rewarding. Cloud computing as a concept is still relatively new. When I explain what it is and what it enables, I can almost […]

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RightScale Webinar: Leveraging Amazon’s Elastic Block Store

The folks at RightScale will be conducting a webinar on Thursday, August 28th at 10 AM PDT. They’ll focus on the recently announced Amazon Elastic Block Store, discussing application scenarios, mission-critical deployment, architecture, and design considerations. Michael Crandell (RightScale CEO) and Thorsten von Eicken (RightScale CTO) will present. The webinar is free, but space is […]

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Amazon SimpleDB Releases QueryWithAttributes

Amazon SimpleDB just released an update that includes a new feature called QueryWithAttributes. With this update, developers will be now able to retrieve all the information associated with items returned as a response to a particular query. The feature provides additional flexibility because it enables you to retrieve anywhere between one and all attributes for […]

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Amazon EBS – Tool and Library Support

This is a companion post to my earlier post — Amazon EBS (Elastic Block Store) – Bring Us Your Data. In the other post you can read about the features of EBS. This post goes into more detail on the tool and library support that has been built by our community of third-party developers. Here […]

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Vertica / Sonian / Amazon Webinar

Earlier this year I talked about the unique and powerful AWS-powered solutions offered by Vertica and Sonian. Tomorrow (August 21st), I will be taking part in a unique, three-party webinar. In the webinar you’ll get to hear from me, from Vertica Field Engineering Director Omer Trajman, and from Sonian CTO Greg Arnette. The webinar will […]

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2008 AWS Start-Up Tour

Update! San Francisco and Silicon Valley had the dates reversed. Corrected calendar listed below. Were really excited to announce our AWS Start-Up Tour again in 2008, and this year were adding cities to include more hotbeds of innovation. The event is focused on the interests and needs of the startup community, so if you are […]

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New features come to Amazon SimpleDB

Amazon SimpleDB released a new version last week. With this new version, developers will be now able sort the results and use a new does-not-start-with operator in their queries – the two most frequently asked feature requests. I am very excited about the new sort feature because now all the processing will happen in-the-cloud and […]

Read More – Another Web Hosting Success Story

Everyday, we hear new stories about a cool new startup and its success story. Today, It was The website offers some great information about which neighborhood/city is more walkable than the rest (San francisco was #1 and Seattle was #6). Walk Score calculates the walkability of an address by locating nearby stores, restaurants, schools, […]

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