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Jeff Barr is Chief Evangelist for AWS. He started this blog in 2004 and has been writing posts just about non-stop ever since.

IBiz S3 Integrator

Gent Hito of /N Software sent me some information about their new product, the IBiz S3 Integrator. The S3 integrator (currently in beta testing) provides an easy to use developer interface for accessing Amazon S3, with full access to create, modify, and delete buckets. Includes documentation, help, and a sample S# browser application. Developers will […]

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AmazonCommerceService.NET – Free .NET Library for ECS Access

Ed Quinn dropped me a note with information about his newest creation, AmazonCommerceService.NET. AmazonCommerceService.NET is a set of .NET classes. It creates REST requests for ECS and then queues them up, dispatching them to Amazon at the rate of 1 request per second per the license agreement. The results are delivered asychronously as they arrive, […]

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AWS Technical Notes

We have started to publish technical notes on topics of interest to the AWS developer community. The first two notes cover Caching IP Addresses and Sorting by Sales Rank. There’s also an RSS feed for each collection of notes (general, ECS, and so forth).

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Backup Manager supports Amazon S3

Update (2014) – The product described in this post has been discontinued. Visit the Backup and Recovery page for updated information. In a previous post I noted that work was underway to make the popular Backup Manager tool support backing up to Amazon S3. I’m pleased to report that this work is now complete, and […]

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TicTap Contextual Ads

Early this morning I received an email from Alex Choo over at TicTap. Alex wanted me to be among the first to know about TicTap’s new Contextual Ads. The new system uses ECS to show very attractive contextually relevant ads in sidebar form.  Each ad block can display up to 50 products, supplanted by a […]

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Monday’s Link Roundup

I was on the road for much of last week, so I’ve got all kinds of interesting web services info queued up. Here we go: Tim Bray offers the label “Web Style” for what the industry generally (and somewhat innacurately) likes to call REST. As Tim notes, the important elements of this style include objects […]

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