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Jeff Barr is Chief Evangelist for AWS. He started this blog in 2004 and has been writing posts just about non-stop ever since.

Flowser – Graphical Amazon Browser

Important Update: There seems to be some confusion about the creator of Flowser – I’ve seen a couple of blog posts which claimed that Amazon created it. In fact, a creative member of our developer community created it and he deserves all of the credit!   This past weekend I snuck a peak at the […]

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Linden Lab: Amazon S3 For The Win

Woke up this morning to find an awesome post from Linden Lab, creator and operator of Second Life. In an article titled “Amazon S3 For The Win,” developer Jeff Linden describes how they used Amazon S3 to buffer the crushing blow of downloads that they had previously suffered every two weeks when they released a […]

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This guy really likes the Mechanical Turk

Ok readers, let’s make this guy a star: Of course, this video was itself the product of a Mechanical Turk HIT that paid $8 to the star. If you would like to star in a video of your own, there are some $10 “Make a 5 Minute Movie” HITs in there right now (that link […]

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Slideshare – Upload and Share Slideshows

This has been the pseudocode for my day so far: while (Cool AWS Stuff In Inbox){    Read About It    Visit It    Take A Picture    Blog About It    Delete Email} Today’s newest find is,  a site for storing and sharing slide shows, powered by Amazon S3. The slides are served […]

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Game System Wars

One of the interesting and common threads found in the creative applications built with the Amazon Web Services is the fact that they can take data that’s been laying out there in plain sight for a number of years and turn it on its side (so to speak) to provide a whole new look at […]

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Zettabyte Storage zBox

Astute readers of this blog will notice that I have added Hardware as a new category! The zBox is a new storage device from Zettabyte Storage. A zettabyte is either 1021 or 270 bytes of storage, not that the exact amount really matters at that point. The zBox is offered as part of a complete […]

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7 Easy Steps to Building Your Idea Around Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services Evangelist Jinesh Varia just posted a really nice article on . The article documents Jin’s implementation of an idea that he and I discussed shortly after he joined my team earlier this year. Building upon the concept pioneered by the seemingly defunct Usenix Faces project the application in this article shows […]

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Send in Your Clowns

A recent HIT posted on the Amazon Mechanical Turk asked workers to draw a clown… Taken at face value (so to speak) as a collaborative art project this is very similar to The Sheep Market, and it produced results that were colorful and entertaining. However, behind all of the pretty faces there’s something even more […]

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