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Jeff Barr is Chief Evangelist for AWS. He started this blog in 2004 and has been writing posts just about non-stop ever since.

Links Galore

Here are some great links that I have been saving up for the last week or two: Last week I recorded a podcast with Doug Kaye and Phil Windley. We talked about Amazon S3, Amazon SQS, and Amazon EC2, and then we discussed Doug’s new podcast processing system. You should listen to the whole think […]

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Four New Articles in the Resource Center

As part of our new Developer Voice program, we have been working with members of the AWS developer community to create some new content for the Resource Center. Here are the first four articles: Building a Web Application with Ruby on Rails and Amazon S3 – This article provides a tutorial on integrating the Amazon […]

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Help Find Jim Gray

I’m reposting this announcement from Werner’s blog in an effort to get it in front of as many people as possible: Computer science icon Jim Gray mysteriously disappeared after a solo trip with his sail boat outside San Francisco Bay. The coast guard has been searching for 4 days but has not been able to […]

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Mux – Video Transcoding Powered by EC2

The first time you try to create your own online video, you will quickly find out that there are all sorts of interesting tradeoffs between file format, bit rate, and file size. The encoding process always seems to require all of your CPU speed and I/O bandwidth, and then some, while still taking a considerable […]

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Stop Him Before He Links Again

A few interesting things in my Inbox today: Web Worker Daily asks So You Wanna Be a Web Tycoon? Amazon Can Help. They really seem to understand what we are talking about when we say “Web-Scale Computing.” As they note, “Were moving closer to the day when a non-programmer with a regular-sized wallet can come […]

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Catching Up

Time for one of my cleanup the inbox posts! I’ve been in the office all week, but I’ve been unbelievably busy while planning for my February trips to Utah, Vancouver BC, and London. Here are some of the cool things I’ve seen lately: Baseline Magazine has a really interesting article, Inside In the article […]

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Snowbooks – Second Life Bookstore

Last week I received an invitation to check out the Snowbooks store in Second Life. I spent some time wandering around earlier today and liked what I saw. Here’s a full report. Snowbooks is a UK-based publisher and also an Amazon Associate. Their Second Life stores provides access to their own titles and to titles […]

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Top Ten Mistakes Startups Make Building Technology

Have been thinking about startups and technology, for the obvious reason that Amazon Web Services seem to serve Startup needs so well. That led to some discussion, followed by more thinking, and finally an inevitable top ten list. But rather than just saying these are the top ten mistakes that Startups need to avoid, it […]

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