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Author: Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr is Chief Evangelist for AWS. He started this blog in 2004 and has been writing posts just about non-stop ever since.

Find 24 x 7 is powered by the new Alexa Web Information Service. The site includes a browse hierarchy based on the AWIS Browse Category function, along with a search engine powered by the AWIS Web Search function, and advanced “whois” functionality powered by the URL Info function. The developer behind this site also built, This site […]

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XSLT Resources

To go with today’s REST posting, here are some XSLT resources: DevGuru XSLT Reference XSLT Concepts and Practical Use TopXML XSLT Reference Getting Started with XPath

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Some REST Articles

Here are some good articles on REST: How to Create a REST Protocol Building Web Services the REST Way How I explained REST to my wife… Of course, no mention of REST would be complete without a link to Roy Fielding’s original thesis, where the term originated.  

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Two More Amazon Blogs!

In case you need to know even more about what’s going on around Amazon, check out these blogs: All Things Distributed – Werner Vogels (Amazon’s Director of Systems Research)  talks about building scalable and robust distributed systems. Amazon Web – The AWS blog for Japanese speakers. Some material is translated from this blog, but much […]

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The Business::ISBN Perl package should be useful to developers building ECS-powered applications (courtesy of brian d foy, who prefers not to capitalize his name). This package provides methods to create and validate ISBNs, and to extract data within the ISBN, including the publisher code and country code. It can also convert the ISBN to an […]

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Byrne Reese has released BookQueueToo, a book list management plugin for Movable Type. Features include: Ability to track books, DVDs, CDs, and much, much more. User interface updated to be consistent with MT look and feel. Search Amazon from within BookQueueToo to find the book you wish to add to your queue. Access your BookQueue […]

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Amabuddy — Amazon By Phone

Courtesy of one-time Amazonian Alan Taylor, comes a reference to the Amabuddy. Using Amabuddy, you can dial a number with your phone, enter in an ISBN or UPC, and find out more about the product including its customer rating, Amazon price, and lowest used price via voice response. Amabuddy was built with VXML, Python, MySQL, […]

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Delicious Library

The Delicious Library application (powered by AWS) has been getting some great reviews: Delicious Library is a beautiful looking personal inventory application. You scan the barcodes, it translates the bars into numbers, looks up the number on Amazon and finds your DVD, CD, book or game and adds all of its information to your personal […]

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ECS Documentation in PDF Form

The ECS documentation is now available in PDF Form. The PDF version makes it easier to print the documentation and read about ECS offline. You can also use Acrobat Reader‘s search feature to search the ECS documentation. The PDF, as well as future versions and different guides, will be available through the AWS Web site. […]

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