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Jeff Barr is Chief Evangelist for AWS. He started this blog in 2004 and has been writing posts just about non-stop ever since.

ECS-Powered Wishlists on Blogs!

Users of Six Apart‘s TypePad service can now display their Amazon wishlist on their blog, using just three easy steps. We’ve added some of our favorite products to our team wishlist, and you should be able to see it in the column to the left of the blog. Important Note: Please don’t buy anything for […]

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MIT Technology Review Covers AWS

The newest issue of the MIT Technology Review is well worth reading! In an article titled Amazon: Giving Away the Store, they review the history of AWS (as seen from two different vantage points), talk about some interesting sites powered by AWS, and much more. They talked to Amazon insiders and to a number of […]

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The Associate-O-Matic tool lets you build a custom Amazon store with 1000’s of items in minutes. The product can be downloaded and installed on a local server, or it can be run in a hosted mode under a subscription plan. The newest version of Associate-O-Matic takes advantage of version 4 of ECS. It features improved […]

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New Tutorial: Chained Requests Using XSLT

We have just published a new tutorial document, “Chained Requests Using XSLT.” The technique illustrated in this document allows you to execute a sequence of AWS requests under the control of a script written in XSLT. Excerpt: This tutorial walks through creating a simple two-page web site that uses chained requests in XSLT to display […]

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Amazon Store Manager

Stringer Software Solutions has introduced version two of their Amazon Store Manager product. This freely downloadable product is described as “Still easy to use, but much more powerful. Installs in minutes and lets you run your Amazon sites easily.” There is also a test store.

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Revised list of Articles and Tutorials

We have updated the list of AWS Articles and Tutorials. Many of these articles are based on ECS 4.0; this could be a great way for you to learn what you need to know in order to upgrade your application to the newest version. Please send us email if you have suggestions for this page.

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Find 24 x 7 is powered by the new Alexa Web Information Service. The site includes a browse hierarchy based on the AWIS Browse Category function, along with a search engine powered by the AWIS Web Search function, and advanced “whois” functionality powered by the URL Info function. The developer behind this site also built, This site […]

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XSLT Resources

To go with today’s REST posting, here are some XSLT resources: DevGuru XSLT Reference XSLT Concepts and Practical Use TopXML XSLT Reference Getting Started with XPath

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Some REST Articles

Here are some good articles on REST: How to Create a REST Protocol Building Web Services the REST Way How I explained REST to my wife… Of course, no mention of REST would be complete without a link to Roy Fielding’s original thesis, where the term originated.  

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