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Author: Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr is Chief Evangelist for AWS. He started this blog in 2004 and has been writing posts just about non-stop ever since.

Developer Conference at Amazon

A number of well-known technologists and software developers will be coming to Amazon Headquarters Seattle this week to take part in a conference for the software development community within Amazon. While we don’t have the facilities to accommodate anyone from outside of Amazon, we do want to give you the highlights of their talks. Therefore, […]

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ImageTracker Tool

JAMM Consulting has released ImageTracker, a tool for Amazon merchants. The tool detects missing images in ECS-powered sites and provides for immediate notification. Other features include: Checks browse and detail images Lists products by ASIN and description for easy identification Daily status reports Easy signup Automatic updates when the merchant changes products,  no need for […]

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ECS 3.0 OfferingType Issue

This message summarizes a problem that some ECS 3.0 users encountered during the last 4 days and the steps that may need to be taken to ensure that developer applications are running as intended. As a result of some internal changes made by AWS on January 6th, ECS 3.0 began returning undocumented values for the […]

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Interview with Jeff Bezos

Wired magazine just published an interview with Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos. Learn about why we don’t advertise, why search inside the book helps us to sell more books (rather than less, as many predicted), how we create demand for an ever-widening collection of products, and the role of physical stores and coffee shops […]

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Office 2003 Research and Reference Pane

File this one under “oldie but goodie.” Way back in early 2003 we started working with Microsoft to explore ways to use AWS within what was then called “Office 10”. Microsoft had been describing all of the ways in which Office 10 would be friendly to XML and to Web Services, so the collaboration seemed […]

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Dueling Technology Platforms

The Web Services Pipeline tells us that Dueling Technology Platforms Vie To Be The Center For Online Shopping. This article contains some speculative stuff that we might or might not agree with, but it is an interesting and worthwhile read nevertheless.

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DVD-Sky – Most Popular Rentals DVDs, For Sale!

The DVD-Sky site combines information gleaned from popular DVD rental sites with Amazon product data to offer a list of popular DVDs available for sale from Amazon. Of note is the fact that the site uses the detailed product information returned by version 4 of ECS to combine data for multiple  DVD editions into a […]

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