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Jeff Barr is Chief Evangelist for AWS. He started this blog in 2004 and has been writing posts just about non-stop ever since.

Mathematica on Amazon EC2

Last week, I talked about MATLAB on Amazon EC2. Today, I am very excited to talk about Mathematica on Amazon EC2. Wolfram Research announced last week that they will be embracing the Cloud and providing a “Cloud Computing Service” with help of Nimbis Services, Inc   The Mathematica cloud computing service will provide flexible and scalable access to HPC […]

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Content Delivery Service Flying High

Its fun to look at buzz and activity right after a new Amazon Web Service gets launched in this case the service Im thinking about is Amazon CloudFront, which is our new Content Delivery Service. Jeff Barr blogged about CloudFronts features and benefits when the service launched last week. What prompted this particular blog post […]

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Capgemini and Amazon Web Services Announce Collaboration

The AWS ecosystem grew again today, when Capgemini announced that they will collaborate with Amazon Web Services by forming a new Center of Excellence focused on Cloud Computingand AWS in particular. This means that Capgemini will have a team of Amazon Web Services-trained professionals, located in North America, Europe and India, to provide a variety […]

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Distribute Your Content With Amazon CloudFront

A few months ago I talked about our plans to create and offer a service for content delivery. That service is called Amazon CloudFront and it is ready now! Like all of our other services, CloudFront was designed with ease of use in mind from the very beginning.  There are no minimum usage commitments, no […]

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Parallel Computing With MATLAB On Amazon EC2

Update (2017) –  This blog post is here for historical purposes only.   The white paper has been superseded by the Cloud Center web application from MathWorks.“ — Jeff;   Mathworks released a whitepaper on how to run MATLAB parallel computing products – Parallel Computing Toolbox and MATLAB Distributed Computing Server on Amazon EC2. This step […]

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VholdR in Action

Earlier this year I blogged about the VholdR, a wearable camera combined with a video sharing system. VholdR is designed for people who participate in action sports such as mountain biking, snowboarding, or skiing. As noted previously, the hardware component is a small and rugged video camera suitable for use in extreme conditions — ski […]

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Upcoming Events: Training and Webinars

Some interesting webinars and training sessions are scheduled to take place in the very near future: On November 15th and 16th, Eric Hammond (maintainer of a number of great Ubuntu and Debian AMIs) will be at Bar Camp San Diego. He’s planning to talk about EC2. Admission is apparently free but you need to register […]

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2008 AWS Start-Up Challenge Finalists

We’ve narrowed down the AWS Start-Up Challenge competition to seven finalists. They’ll be coming to Seattle later this month to present their ideas to the panel of judges.They’ll also get to pitch to VCs, meet with industry leaders and Amazon executives, and will be featured at the Start-Up event on November 20th. Here are the […]

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