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AWS Mobile SDKs Now Support Additional Services

The AWS SDK for Android and the AWS SDK for iOS now support even more AWS services:

The SDKs already support Amazon S3, Amazon SimpleDB, Amazon Simple Queue Service, and Amazon SNS.

With the added services, you can now add the following infrastructure to your mobile applications:

  • MessagingSend bulk and transactional email to customers using Amazon SES.
  • ComputeLaunch and manage Amazon EC2 instances with a number of features for building scalable, failure resilient, and enterprise class applications.
  • MonitoringMonitor your Amazon EC2 instances, Amazon EBS volumes, Elastic Load Balancers, and Amazon RDS database instances in real-time with Amazon CloudWatch.

The SDKs include libraries, code samples, and documentation to help you get started. We have also set up a Mobile Development Forum where you can discuss the SDKs with other developers.

— Jeff;

Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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