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AWS GovCloud (US) and Amazon Rekognition – A Powerful Public Safety Tool

I’ve already told you about and described how it uses deep neural network models to analyze images by detecting objects, scenes, and faces. Today I am happy to tell you that is now available in the AWS GovCloud (US) Region. To learn more, read the Amazon Rekognition FAQ, and the Amazon Rekognition Product Details, review […]

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AWS GovCloud (US) Update – AWS Key Management Service Now Available

The provides you with seamless, centralized control over your encryption keys. As I noted when we launched the service (see my post, New AWS Key Management Service, for more information), this service gives you a new option for data protection and relieves you of many of the more onerous scalability and availability issues that inevitably […]

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AWS Expansion – WorkSpaces, Directory Service, ElastiCache, GovCloud, Kinesis, Traditional Chinese, More

We’ve increased the geographic footprint and international relevance of several AWS services this past month. Here’s a summary: and are now available in the region. is now available in the region. , , and RDS integration with are now available in . We added a second location in Korea for and . is now available […]

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AWS GovCloud (US) Update – Glacier, VM Import, CloudTrail, and More

I am pleased to be able to announce a set of updates and additions to . We are making a number of new services available including , , and VM Import. We are also enhancing the with support for and the Service Limits Report. As you may know, is an isolated AWS Region designed to […]

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