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Ruby on Rails – Public AMIs

Paul Dowman created something really useful for the Ruby on Rails Community: a Pre-configured Ruby On Rails Stack AMI that “just simply works”. Public AMIs are pre-packaged, pre-configured, compressed file-system blobs that are stored on Amazon S3 which can be instantiated by any Amazon EC2 user. Ruby on Rails cuts down development time significantly due […]

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Amazon ECS Widgets

Couple of cool widgets available that enable you to earn Amazon Associate commisions. The first is the Amazon Browser Widget, which their website describes as “The Amazon Browser widget is a mini-Amazon browser that allows you to search for items at Amazon. As a user scrolls through the displayed items, it automatically loads additional items […]

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/n Software Adds Amazon Support

The community around Amazon Web Services is really on a roll! One of the communities we hear from a lot is the ISV world. For example I met the CEO of /n software, Gent Hito, at ETech a couple of months ago. Gent’s company builds BizTalk adapters and SQL Server integration components. Gent was excited […]

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Start Crunching – Create Mashups using MapCruncher and Render on S3

Microsoft Research developed an innovative tool called MapCruncher for Microsoft Virtual Earth that takes any map-based image (JPG or PDF format) and overlays that image onto Microsoft Virtual Earth to generate requisite tiles. These tiles can then be used to display the map in Virtual Earth / Google Maps fashion (zoom in/out, pan, move etc). […]

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Who’s using Ruby on Rails?

If you are an Amazon EC2 or Amazon S3 aficionado and are using Ruby on Rails, we would like to hear from you. Particularly we are interested to know how you are using Ruby on Rails, your architecture, your EC2 network topology setup, your S3 hacks. Anything that can help the newcomers to ramp up […]

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AWS and The Windows Presentation Foundation

WPF/E is Microsoft’s next-generation presentation for creating rich web experiences. Using an XML vocabulary known as XAML, WPF/E supports both cross-browser and desktop applications which run on Windows and on the Mac. If you would like to learn a bit about the use of WPF/E in conjunction with the Amazon E-Commerce Service, you should check […]

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