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Lower Prices for EC2 Windows Instances using Authentication Services

We’ve removed the distinction between Amazon EC2 running Windows and Amazon EC2 running Windows with Authentication Services, allowing all of our Windows instances to make use of Authentication Services such as LDAP, RADIUS, and Kerberos. With this change, any Windows instance can host a Domain Controller or join an existing domain. File sharing services such […]

Amazon S3 – Busier Than Ever

Amazon S3 usage has grown very nicely in the last quarter and now stands at 29 billion objects, up from 22 billion just a quarter ago. As one of the S3 engineers told me last week, that’s over 4 objects for every person now on Earth! Our customers are keeping S3 pretty busy too. To […]

Amazon DevPay Introduces Tiered Usage-Based Pricing

Amazon DevPay now has a new and very powerful feature: tiered pricing for all usage-based components of a product’s price. Using this new feature, you have more flexibility when you create the pricing plan for your product. Specifically, you can now create multiple levels, or tiers. You can create any number of tiers within your […]