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New Locations and Features for the Amazon Simple Workflow Service

The Amazon Simple Workflow Service is a workflow service that you can use to build scalable, resilient applications. You can automate business processes, manage complex cloud applications, or sequence some genes.

Today we are making the Simple Workflow Service available in additional AWS Regions. We are also adding additional support for AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM).

Additional Amazon Simple Workflow Locations
You can now run your workflows in any AWS Region in the US, Asia, Europe, or South America, with the exception of the AWS GovCloud (US). See the AWS Global Infrastructure map for a full list of AWS Regions.

Additional IAM Support
You can now use AWS Identity and Access Management to control access to Simple Workflow domains and APIs on a very fine-grained basis.

You can use the domain-level permissions to create and control individual Simple Workflow sandboxes for development, QA, and production. You can then use the API-level permissions to restrict access to individual APIs within the sandboxes. You could, for example, restrict creation and activation of workflows to the managers of the respective teams.You can also use IAM to regulate access to certain domains or APIs based on the identity of an application or an entire suite of applications.

This important new feature is available now; you can read more about it in the Simple Workflow documentation.

— Jeff;