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Now Available – AWS Mobile SDK for Unity

Unity is a popular cross-platform game development environment. You can build your 2D or 3D game once using C# and then run it on many different platforms and devices.

Now Available
Today we are launching the AWS Mobile SDK for Unity. This new SDK comes in the form of Unity packages that contain .NET classes. These classes allow games written with Unity to call multiple AWS services including Amazon Cognito (Identity and Sync), Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon Mobile Analytics. You can use this SDK to build Unity games that run on iOS and Android devices.

We launched the developer preview of the SDK late last year. During the preview we received some great feedback from developers.  We added access to the Amazon Mobile Analytics and also made lots of other enhancements (see the post Improvements in the AWS Mobile SDK for Unity for more information) based on this feedback.

Your games can use these services as follows (these links lead to relevant documentation to help you to get started):

  • Cognito Identity to allow guest access, with an easy and  seamless transition to authenticated access via a public login provider such as Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Google, or any provider that is compatible with OpenID Connect.
  • Cognito Sync to store user preferences and games state in the Amazon Cognito sync store, to enable a consistent experience across a user’s devices.
  • S3 to store and retrieve game assets (including images and videos) and other data.
  • DynamoDB to store and retrieve JSON documents and information identified by a key, with single-digit millisecond latency at any scale.
  • Mobile Analytics to collect and analyze usage data. You could, for example, use custom events to track the popularity of different features or locations within your game and use the results to tune and optimize game play.

Available Now
The AWS Mobile SDK for Unity is available now and you can download it today. Source code is available on GitHub, as is some sample code. To get started, open up the AWS Mobile SDK for Unity Developer Guide.


Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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