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Resources for Migrating Parse Applications to AWS

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In light of the recent announcement that Parse will be winding down, the AWS team has been working to provide developers with some migration paths and some alternative services, as have members of the AWS community. Here’s what I know about:

I also have some partner and community resources for you:

Migration Webinar
My colleague John Bury (Principal Solution Architect) has been working in the mobile space for more than 12 years. On March 1st he will lead a 200-level webinar, Migrating Mobile Apps from Parse to AWS. The webinar will run from 11 AM to Noon (PT). After an introductory look at the full range of AWS mobile services, John will lead you though the steps necessary to migrate your mobile app from Parse to AWS.


PS – Please share additional resources in the comment section and I’ll add them to the post.

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