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Amazon SimpleDB Consistency Enhancements

We’ve added two new features to Amazon SimpleDB to make it even easier for you to implement several different data storage and retrieval scenarios. The first new feature allows you to do a consistent read. Up until now, SimpleDB implemented eventually consistent reads. You now have the option to choose the type of read which […]

Cloud MapReduce from Accenture

Accenture is a Global Solution Provider for AWS. As part of their plan to help their clients extend their IT provisioning capabilities into the cloud, they offer a complete Cloud Computing Suite including the Accenture Cloud Computing Accelerator, the Cloud Computing Assessment Tool, the Cloud Computing Data Processing Solution, and the Accenture Web Scaler. Huan […]

Expanding the AWS Footprint

A new AWS Region is online and available for use! Our new Northern California (US-West) Region supports Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, SimpleDB, SQS, Elastic MapReduce, Amazon CloudWatch, Auto Scaling, and Elastic Load Balancing. The AWS documentation contains the new endpoints for each service. The existing Amazon S3 US Standard Region provides good, cost-effective performance for […]

The New AWS Simple Monthly Calculator

Our customers needed better ways to model their applications and estimate their costs. The flexible nature of on-demand scalable computing allows you pick and choose the services you like and only pay for those. Hence to give our customers an opportunity to estimate their costs, we have redesigned our current AWS Simple Monthly Calculator The […]

Don’t Forget: You Can Use Amazon SimpleDB For Free!

We polled the attendees at a recent Amazon SimpleDB webinar and found that over half of them didn’t know that they could start using the service for free. That’s a shame because SimpleDB is easy to use, scales easily to handle high request rates, and is available in our US and EU regions. You can […]

Now In Europe: Amazon SimpleDB, CloudWatch, Auto Scaling, and Elastic Load Balancing

I’m happy to announce that the following AWS services are now available in Europe: Amazon SimpleDB – Highly available and scalable, low/no administration structured data storage. Amazon CloudWatch – Monitoring for the AWS cloud, starting with providing resource consumption (CPU utilization, network traffic, and disk I/O) for EC2 instances. Elastic Load Balancing – Traffic distribution […]

Webinar: Migrating a MySQL-based application to Amazon SimpleDB

Join the Amazon SimpleDB team for the latest in our ongoing Developer Brown Bag webinar series.  The event will feature developer Eric Lee, who will present a step-by-step tutorial on migrating a MySQL-based application to SimpleDB. The second half of the hour will focus on live Q&A.  To allow for a more thorough response to […]