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Trusted Advisor Update – New Checks and New CloudTrail Regions

AWS Trusted Advisor provides you with advice and guidance to help you to use AWS safely, securely, and economically.

Today we are making the Trusted Advisor even more useful, with support for additional service limit checks and for CloudTrail in additional Regions.

Service Limit Checks
Many AWS services are configured with per-account “soft” limits on the number of resources of a particular type. In almost every case, we can raise these limits for you on an as-needed basis; simply visit the AWS Support Center and open a case.

Trusted Advisor checks your current resource usage against your account limits and lets you know when it might be time to request an increase in a particular limit. Today we are adding six new limit checks, spread across the following three AWS services:

Here’s the check in action:

CloudTrail in More Regions
Earlier this month we expanded Amazon CloudTrail into the US West (Northern California), Europe (Ireland), and Asia Pacific (Sydney) Regions.

Trusted Advisor’s CloudTrail Logging check now verifies that you are using CloudTrail in all five Regions where CloudTrail runs: