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Two New AWS Getting Started Guides

We’ve put together a pair of new Getting Started Guides for Linux and Microsoft Windows. Both guides will show you how to use EC2, Elastic Load Balancing, Auto Scaling, and CloudWatch to host a web application.

The Linux version of the guide (HTML, PDF) is built around the popular Drupal content management system. The Windows version (HTML, PDF) is built around the equally popular DotNetNuke CMS.

These guides are comprehensive. You will learn how to:

  • Sign up for the services
  • Install the command line tools
  • Find an AMI
  • Launch an Instance
  • Deploy your application
  • Connect to the Instance using the MindTerm SSH Client or PuTTY
  • Configure the Instance
  • Create a custom AMI
  • Create an Elastic Load Balancer
  • Update a Security Group
  • Configure and use Auto Scaling
  • Create a CloudWatch Alarm
  • Clean up

Other sections cover pricing, costs, and potential cost savings.

We also have Getting Started Guides for Web Application Hosting, Big Data, and Static Website Hosting.

— Jeff;