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AWS Marketplace and AWS Data Exchange now supports sellers and data providers from Hong Kong and Qatar

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), data providers, and consulting partners based in Hong Kong and Qatar can now transact in AWS Marketplace and AWS Data Exchange. This expansion serves to increase the breadth of software and data offerings available to global customers.

Global customers can now purchase directly from software and data providers based in Hong Kong and Qatar in AWS Marketplace and AWS Data Exchange. You can also procure software through local and regional consulting partners with Consulting Partner Private Offers (CPPO) in AWS Marketplace. For more information, see Benefits to consulting partners section.

For consulting partners, ISVs, and data providers, this unlocks a new route to market. It also enables access to the more than 310,000 monthly active users in AWS Marketplace and AWS Data Exchange.

Benefits to consulting partners

Starting today, consulting partners based in Hong Kong and Qatar can sell software in AWS Marketplace through CPPO. This includes ECCOM Network System Ltd., VSTECS, BosiCloud, GoCloud Systems, kloudr, and Crayon.

Benefits to software and data providers

Software from ISVs and data providers such as Chinafy, China Mobile International Limited, and Wisers  are now listed in AWS Marketplace. As ISVs and data providers from Hong Kong and Qatar list their paid products in AWS Marketplace, they can expand their customer base. With this expansion, ISVs and data providers can now reach hundreds of thousands of AWS Marketplace buyers and AWS Data Exchange subscribers around the world. With AWS Marketplace and AWS Data Exchange, ISVs and data providers can more easily grow their global business.

ISVs from these two markets can transact with customers across multiple software deployment models, such as AMIs or SaaS. ISVs can also offer a variety of contract models, from flexible consumption pricing to multi-year agreements. Data providers can provide subscribers with simplified data access and management and use AWS Data Exchange infrastructure to support data hosting, entitlements, and delivery.

“We’re excited to be AWS’s launch partner in Hong Kong and to bring our China Web Compatibility software provider to AWS customers on AWS Marketplace. We have first-hand experience in AWS’s scalability, security, and reliability so are very glad that we’ll be strategically working with them across new initiatives now as a solution provider on AWS Marketplace. We look forward to seeing the local launch of the AWS Marketplace proliferate cloud capabilities and collaborations in the region, and better serve our customers across various industries, with scale.”

—Kevin Lepsoe, CEO & Founder,  Chinafy

“Wisers has been providing all-media big data business intelligence to the Greater China market for over two decades. We are excited to be a launch partner with AWS Data Exchange in Hong Kong. The dynamic and in-depth analytics derived from our over 570,000 Chinese news and social media data sources will be made available to AWS customers around the globe. The enterprises and financial institutions outside China can now benefit from Wisers’ Chinese natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. AWS customers will gain immediate access to dynamic and quantified topic, event and sentiment trends embedded in our comprehensive news and social media big data. These trends can provide insights on intrinsic risks and growth factors about the Chinese companies and brands.”

—Dr. Chao He, Head of AI, Wisers

Benefits to customers

AWS Marketplace and AWS Data Exchange streamline software and data procurement processes. Software and data purchasing for new and existing customers is more straightforward due to simplified billing with AWS and license and subscription management. Customers can now find software and data products from their preferred ISVs that deploy on AWS.

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More reactions from launch participants

“VSTECS is thrilled to join the CPPO program and has launched our first batch of overseas application market sales in cooperation with Fortinet and Tableau. AWS Marketplace provides a convenient platform for users around the world, and we are excited that now our partners can quickly package rich cloud service solutions. Our customers can now find, purchase, deploy and manage software solutions, data, and professional services more easily.”

—Wei Li, General Manager VSTECS

“CPPO has created a new business and service model, which can effectively help AWS customers in China. AWS Marketplace enables us to provide customers with a consistent global business and service delivery experience, enabling us more time to focus on AWS cloud-native services. And our customers can devote more energy to their own business development and innovation.”

—Jiawei Shen, GM of Cloud & Software BU, ECCOM Network System Co., Ltd

“Providing solutions from AWS Marketplace in Qatar is a natural milestone in the strategic collaboration between Crayon and AWS in the Gulf region and globally. The Consulting Partner Private Offers (CPPO) will enable us to offer integrated solutions from the depth and the breadth of our portfolio, including licensing, consulting, and managed services, covering software management, cloud migration and optimization, modern workplace, cybersecurity, and data and AI. It is a fantastic opportunity for customers, partners, and ISVs to simplify and streamline software and data procurement processes with a single point of billing, delivering efficiencies in their digital transformation.”

—Mohammad Hammoudi, Country Manager – Qatar, Oman, and Kuwait at Crayon

“As an AWS Select Consulting Partner in the Region, AWS Marketplace has helped us develop partnerships and serve the growing needs of regional customers for advanced cloud services. With the launch of AWS Marketplace in Qatar, we are able to introduce the latest innovative services via the Consulting Partner Private Offer (CPPO) program to the local market through a simplified procurement process, helping organizations accelerate their cloud adoption. We are also excited by the opportunities this launch brings in helping us expand and serve a wider global customer base.”

—Khalil Rizkallah, General Manager, kloudr