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AWS Marketplace is now available in China

AWS Marketplace recently announced availability in the AWS China (Ningxia) Region and AWS China (Beijing) Region, operated by Ningxia Western Cloud Data Technology Co., Ltd. (NWCD). With this launch, customers in China now can browse and discover popular software from Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) from the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) console and provision them in a few clicks. ISVs also have a streamlined sales channel to connect to customers in China. The initial launch only covers subscriptions to free and bring your own license (BYOL) Amazon Machine Image (AMI) products from the Amazon EC2 console. The AWS Marketplace website and more product types will be added quickly.

How it works

Like using other AWS services in China, customers must first register an AWS (China) Account. Through the Launch Instance wizard on the Amazon EC2 console, customers can search and subscribe to software listed in AWS Marketplace China in just minutes.

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console.
  2. Choose Amazon EC2. The Amazon EC2 console appears.
  3. On the Amazon EC2 console, choose Launch Instance.
  4. For Step 1: Choose an Amazon Machine Image (AMI), choose the Region that you want to launch the instance in. You can choose the AWS China (Beijing) Region or the AWS China (Ningxia) Region. The image below shows this step.
  5. In the Quick Start pane, either search using keywords for your preferred AMIs, or choose AWS Marketplace to browse the AMIs by categories.
  6. When you choose a product, you go to the product’s listing page. The page has information about the product, pricing, usage, support, EULA, and terms and conditions of usage. After you have reviewed the information, if you want to subscribe to the product, choose Continue. You’ll return to the Launch Instance wizard.
  7. On the Amazon EC2 console, follow the instructions to complete the Launch Instance wizard and launch your instance. For Step 5: Add Tags, we recommend that you add tags to the instance so that you can identify which instances you launched through AWS Marketplace China.

Listing your software in AWS Marketplace China

AWS Marketplace has over 200,000 customers and more than 4,500 software listings from more than 1,400 ISVs. With AWS Marketplace now available in China, multinational ISVs can use the same platform to reach customers in China. Chinese domestic ISVs also gain a new promotion channel and the capability to enable implementation in just minutes.

To sign up as an ISV and list your products in AWS Marketplace China, you must be a business entity registered in mainland China and have a valid AWS (China) account. Please fill out this application form if you are interested in listing your software in AWS Marketplace China.

Additional resources

To learn more about AWS Marketplace China, visit the AWS Marketplace China FAQ page.
To learn more about AWS services in China, visit the AWS China Website and Getting Started with AWS Services in China.

About the author

Lillian ShaoLillian Shao is a Principle Product Manager for International Expansion at Amazon Web Services. She enjoys working with various service teams to land products and features at AWS China regions.