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Elevating the customer experience with Open Finance

Open Finance is a term that I’ve been hearing more in the financial technology (fintech) world. According to Forrester, Open Finance extends the third-party access principles of open banking across a wider set of financial products such as mortgages, loans, investments, and pensions. Many underlying banking systems and software were built for the brick-and-mortar branch […]

Integrating Dropbox with AWS SSO for governed file sharing in an AWS Control Tower environment

Integrating Dropbox with AWS SSO for governed file sharing in an AWS Control Tower environment

The customers who operate in multi-account AWS environments often ask me for ways to simplify accessing critical business files and share content with their employees. While my customers share the content between business groups or external business partners, it is important to gain visibility and controls with minimum operational overhead. Dropbox, available in AWS Marketplace, […]

Getting more value from EMR and EHR healthcare data

Getting more value from EMR and EHR healthcare data

This blog post is an overview of a webinar, Unlock the value of your health data with solutions through AWS Marketplace. The session featured guest speakers Dr. Tim Pletcher, executive director at Michigan Health Information Network Shared Services (MiHIN), and Emily Sokol, director of research at Xtelligent Healthcare Media. In this webinar, we went into […]

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Use active learning to build a usable machine learning model faster

Many businesses are now adopting machine learning (ML) as a mainstream method of augmenting processes and building efficient systems. You can use active learning to get to an acceptable and working version of your ML model much faster. This post is a summary of the joint webinar with Mphasis and AWS Marketplace, Want to build […]

How CloudQuant predicts macroeconomic factors early using Prosper and AWS Data Exchange

How CloudQuant predicts macroeconomic factors early using Prosper and AWS Data Exchange

Industry Challenge Hedge funds and equity investors are continuously seeking to create alpha in their portfolios to improve investor returns and minimize risk. Alpha (α) is a term used in investing to describe an investment strategy’s ability to outperform overall market, or its “edge.” To meet this need, “Alternative Data,” data not gathered from traditional […]

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Solving interoperability in healthcare with AWS Marketplace

The need for interoperability in the healthcare industry is no surprise. Healthcare data should be easy to transfer between all organizations and individuals to enhance patient care, lower costs, and improve outcomes across the patient care cycle. The big question that remains is if healthcare organizations today are prepared to advance interoperability and if the […]

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Modernizing transaction banking and payments through AWS Marketplace

Transaction banking is the traditional revenue cornerstone for banks. It includes cash management, corporate payments, liquidity management, and trade finance. Much like the rest of the banking and finance industry, transaction banking is evolving rapidly to adapt to new client expectations. It is also changing to fill the need for increased agility and scalability and […]

Implicit BPR improving recommendations

Improving personalized ranking in recommender systems with Implicit BPR and Amazon SageMaker

A recommender system is an automated software mechanism that uses algorithms and data to personalize product discovery for a particular user. Its essential task is to help users discover the most relevant items within an often-unmanageable set of choices. These days, recommender systems are employed in diverse domains to promote products on e-commerce sites, such […]

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Optimize data analytics in capital markets with time-series databases

Capital markets firms use vast amounts of historical and streaming market data to perform real-time analytics. They also use data to inform decision-making, from projecting asset-pricing movement and fund values to calculating risk assessments. However, traditional on-premises relational databases and data management systems can fall short on delivering the functionality, agility, speed, and cost efficiency […]

How to support healthcare modernization with Cloud PACS using AWS Marketplace

In this blog post, I will share the key takeaways from the AWS webinar, How to support modernization with Cloud PACS through AWS Marketplace. I will show how healthcare organizations are using cloud-native picture archiving and communication system (PACS) solutions and how AWS Marketplace can help accelerate your time to value with PACS solutions. AWS […]