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Scheduled Refresh for SPICE Data Sets on Amazon QuickSight

Jose Kunnackal is a Senior Product Manager for Amazon Quicksight

This blog post has been translated into Japanese.

In November 2016, we launched Amazon QuickSight, a cloud-powered, business analytics service that lets you quickly and easily visualize your data. QuickSight uses SPICE (Super-fast, Parallel, In-Memory Calculation Engine), a fully managed data store that enables blazing fast visualizations and can ingest data from AWS, on-premises, and cloud sources. Data in SPICE could be refreshed at any time with the click of a button within QuickSight.

Today, we are launching the ability to schedule these refreshes!

To schedule a SPICE data set refresh

Select a SPICE data set and choose Schedule refresh. Then, specify the time zone, frequency, and start time of the refresh.


With scheduling in place, you can ensure that your SPICE data sets, analyses and dashboards are always in sync with your source data.

Scheduled refresh is now available in QuickSight for all supported AWS, cloud, and on-premises data sources, for both new and existing data sets in all regions. As with manual refresh, you can see a summary on the status of scheduled refreshes by dataset.

The ability to schedule data refreshes makes it simple to create and distribute highly performant, interactive dashboards in QuickSight, powered by SPICE. You no longer have to go into QuickSight at the right time to refresh data (or forget to refresh it altogether), and can rely on QuickSight to provide fast, interactive visualizations to thousands of users.

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