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Indexing Common Crawl Metadata on Amazon EMR Using Cascading and Elasticsearch

by Hernan Vivani | on | | Comments

Hernan Vivani is a Big Data Support Engineer for Amazon Web Services

A previous post showed you how to get started with Elasticsearch and Kibana on Amazon EMR. In that post, we installed Elasticsearch and Kibana on an Amazon EMR cluster using bootstrap actions.

This post shows you how to build a simple application with Cascading for reading Common Crawl metadata, index the metadata on Elasticsearch, and use Kibana to query the indexed content.

What is Common Crawl?

Common Crawl is an open-source repository of web crawl data. This data set is freely available on Amazon S3 under the Common Crawl terms of use. The data is stored in several data formats. In this example, you work with the WAT response format that contains the metadata for the crawled HTML information. This allows you to build an Elasticsearch index, which can be used to extract useful information about tons of sites on the Internet.