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Set alerts in Amazon Elasticsearch Service

On April 8, Amazon ES launched support for event monitoring and alerting. To use this feature, you work with monitors—scheduled jobs—that have triggers, which are specific conditions that you set, telling the monitor when it should send an alert. An alert is a notification that the triggering condition occurred. When a trigger fires, the monitor takes action, sending a message to your destination.

This post uses a simulated IoT device farm to generate and send data to Amazon ES.

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Indexing Common Crawl Metadata on Amazon EMR Using Cascading and Elasticsearch

Hernan Vivani is a Big Data Support Engineer for Amazon Web Services A previous post showed you how to get started with Elasticsearch and Kibana on Amazon EMR. In that post, we installed Elasticsearch and Kibana on an Amazon EMR cluster using bootstrap actions. This post shows you how to build a simple application with […]

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