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AWS AppFabric

How AWS AppFabric helps companies overcome tech overload

Companies often license and manage dozens of software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, with some deploying more than 100 applications annually, for communications, finance, content management, and customer relations. While their hope is that these purpose-built applications make employees more productive, the applications rarely work well together, creating security and productivity challenges. At AWS, we’ve seen a fundamental […]

AWS AppFabric

SaaS application innovation using AI to improve employee productivity

Many companies offer over 100 different tools and applications designed to enhance employee productivity and collaboration. Today, organizations customize and fortify their application stack to unlock their employee’s best work, but this introduces challenges. Applications are often disconnected and operate in their own data silos, hampering an employees’ ability to manage, access, share, and create […]

AWS AppFabric

Use AWS AppFabric to simplify observability of SaaS app data

As organizations continue to digitally transform, there is higher demand than ever for software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications that help employees communicate and collaborate. (Just think of the various apps you’ve used at work today!) Studies show that large organizations license an average of over 100 applications. Security and IT professionals want to achieve observability of all […]

AWS AppFabric

Easily monitor for anomalous behavior across multiple SaaS applications with AWS AppFabric

Increasingly, customers are adopting more and more SaaS applications to keep their employees more productive and collaborative. However, the pervasive rise of SaaS applications introduces challenges for cybersecurity teams who are responsible for identifying and fixing vulnerabilities in their company’s security systems and programs.  These teams are responsible for monitoring who has access to sensitive […]

AWS AppFabric

Cross-application audit log analysis with AWS AppFabric

Organizations are adopting increasing numbers of cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications to support remote work, better collaboration, and improved productivity for employees. But using a variety of different SaaS applications means that audit logs are kept in multiple systems with different schemas. AWS AppFabric is a service that quickly connects multiple applications together helping security professionals […]