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Configure Single Sign-On for Amazon Connect Using Okta

Securing access to your IT resources is paramount. As the number of web-based applications that your employees use increases, so does the difficulty for them to remember their login credentials. Many companies have turned to single sign-on with a variety of identity providers to streamline access to resources and simplify their employees’ routines. With Amazon […]

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Perform an external screen pop with Amazon Connect

One of the most commonly asked questions we get when people begin using Amazon Connect is, “How can I pop my existing web-based application using data gathered in a contact flow?” This post provides a comprehensive example that grabs the incoming data and uses it to pop an external web-based application a new window. It […]

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Hear, Here at City of London: Build a DIY audio tour with Amazon Connect

Co-authored with Dr. Mark A. Tovey, Postdoctoral Fellow, Western University, in Collaboration with the Culture Office City of London The city of London, Canada has partnered with Hear, Here, an audio interpretive sign project founded in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Together, they are setting up the first Canadian Hear, Here project. This blog post describes the […]

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